Would Ryan O’Reilly Fit In?

Photo: Michael Martin, Getty Images

Photo: Michael Martin, Getty Images

Being that Sportsnet.ca reported last night that the Montreal Canadiens are one of the teams which have inquired about the Colorado Avalanche ‘s pending RFA Ryan O’Reilly, how would he fit into the grand scheme of things?

If you haven’t seen the Sportsnet video, you can watch it here. In addition to that, you can find O’Reilly’s stats here as well as a tribute video about him, if you do not know him very well or at all.

Factor in O’Reilly’s 6’0 and 205lbs. He is bigger, stronger, faster, better defensively and better on face-offs than David Desharnais, so it would be a much needed improvement.

The problem with O’Reilly is he has reportedly asked for a five million a year contract which seems to be why he is still a hold out this season. Is he holding out because he thinks his 18 goals and 37 assists for 55 points last year merits 5 mil a season, or is it because he doesn’t want to play in Colorado anymore?

The Habs had a headache this season signing P.K. Subban, one would think the Habs don’t need another headache.

But suppose Habs general manager Marc Bergevin could acquire O’Reilly and hand him a decent contract, would anyone not be happy with a 22-year old centre?

Hockey’s Future prospects analysis has said about O’Reilly, “O’Reilly is a thinking-man’s player who has excellent anticipation and knowledge of the game, which enables him to be in the right place at the right time.  O’Reilly’s proven to be an excellent penalty killer and excels at the defensive aspects of the game. He’s an excellent playmaker who has also shown an increasing aptitude for putting the puck in the net.”

Seems to me, O’Reilly would be a bigger, more hard nosed Tomas Plekanec, how could the Habs go wrong?

As I have stated above, if Bergevin could make O’Reilly’s demands a little more digestible, in my humble opinion, O’Reilly would fit right in and would be a much needed replacement for Desharnais.

If the Habs hope to be better as the future comes with young talent, O’Reilly is the way to go.

Pleky, Galchenyuk and O’Reilly would be perfect going forward.

The cost of acquiring such a player has been rumored to be a roster player, draft pick and a prospect.

Does Bergevin want to attempt landing such a player, who knows?

Hopefully what Sportsnet has reported is true and Bergevin will actively be trying to pursue O’Reilly.

Desharnais is due to be re-signed at the end of the season, with his lack of size and lack of defensive prowess, I could see O’Reilly as his future replacement.


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