So My Wife Doesn’t Have to Hear me Babble About Hockey: Pappy

Thank you to Mike, and my other Facebook friends that currently write here that are already aware of my goofy ass. I’m a Texan, and an avid Montreal Canadiens fan, as I have been for many years. I use my computer prowess to follow the team I love, and I’m a firm stats man that values stats more so than I often do the naked eye, as I deem the latter to be less than accurate most of the time. I am not a very serious person, and I’m keen on run-on sentences and going off on tangents. I accepted this “writing position” because I love this team, I love talking about them, and to give my wife a break from having to hear me babble about hockey more than she already has to.

One player that does not seem to get enough attention or respect (arguably) around Montreal is no other than Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau, or “Pappy” as I call him. The man has played on lines 1-3, yet still has the best Fenwick For % on the team at 5 on 5 thus far (54.9%, also top 10 in TOI [Time On Ice], and top 6 for forwards), and excels regardless of his deployment. 15 points in 35 games, 4 of which came on the PP, this consummate playmaker was drafted in the 9th round (yeah, we don’t have that many rounds anymore in the NHL Entry Draft) in 2001 by the Ducks, never played a game for them at the NHL level before he was sent to Chicago in 2006, not getting his first crack at the NHL until Oct. of 2007, playing a meager 5 games with the Blackhawks, until again being traded in 2008 to the New York… Rangers. He finally got to play for the Rags in 2009, putting up 8 points in 22 games. In 2010, the Isles signed him as a free agent, and finally the Pappy we all know and love came to light as an NHL regular, 9 years in the making.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

I’ll spare you the Islanders and Avalanche Parenteau stats, as he became an NHL mainstay during his 2 year stint on “The Island”, but you gotta give your head a shake, and crack a smile, when you think that we got all this for an aging, healthy scratch in Daniel Briere, and were also given a fifth round pick, for a 31 year-old playmaking winger, with great possession numbers and a cap hit that is the same as Briere’s this year (plus one more year at $4 million), oh and did I mention we also got a 5th round pick in the deal? I may be a little late in saying this, but a Merry Christmas to you too Colorado.

As for Patrick Roy’s comments regarding Parenteau’s skill, inside the Colorado top 6, ya know…
It would have been tough for him to play on the top two lines..

I believe was what he said; I love you Patrick, and you may very well always be my favorite Montreal Canadien ever, but in order to keep goals out of your net, you need a good possession player like Parenteau, you also need a player of his ilk if you intend to put pucks into the other teams’ nets, just saying.

That’s all the babble I have for now, thanks to all who bothered reading, I have never posted one of these on any site before, so this is a very new experience for me, but hopefully all will end well. A Go Habs Go to you and yours.



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