Why Habs Fans Should Be Excited About Shea Weber

Many Habs fans are still feeling the sting of seeing P.K. Subban wearing gold and navy blue instead of red, white and blue. A number of people continue to be in disbelief with the deal that took place a little less than a month ago, but my point that I’m trying to share is that the Canadiens now have to look at the return that they received, and the positives in that. The Habs have acquired Predators captain Shea Weber, and this is why Canadien fans should be excited about his arrival, and what he can do for this team going forward.

Shea Weber celebrates with new teammate Carey Price over a win against Latvia at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

Shea Weber celebrates with new teammate Carey Price over a win against Latvia at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

First off, I’ve seen too many people on social media basically underrating Weber, saying that he is just an average defenseman. Well, they’re wrong. The Habs have acquired a five-time NHL all-star, a two-time Olympic Gold medalist, where he played an integral part in defense and scored 5 goals with 7 assists, a World Championship Gold medal, a World Juniors Gold medal and a well-respected Canadian defenseman who has scored 166 goals and provided 277 assists and 443 points in his career. He also won the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award this past season. I think that because Subban is leaving, everyone is forgetting to realize what kind of leader the team now has in Montreal. A dynamic defenseman who every coach would love to have in his squad; just looking at his success over his career is exactly why I’m excited to have a guy like him on and off the ice.

Several analytic experts are analyzing this trade and again underrating Weber because his numbers aren’t that great. However, in reality, analytics do NOT measure all that Weber brings to the table night in, night out. Shea is a leader, and he has been for his whole career; the captaincy he was given in Nashville wasn’t by accident. Barry Trotz and Peter Laviolette both put trust in him to lead the Predators to a playoff berth almost every single season, which many fans in Canada don’t look into this as Nashville’s hockey market isn’t very popular around here. Shea Weber will bring a leadership presence in the Habs locker room and on the ice. Playing with young defensemen like Nathan Beaulieu, Greg Pateryn and even Mikhail Sergachev in the future will help their game just as Andrei Markov helped P.K. Subban. It has already been announced that Weber will have an “A” on his jersey having not even played a game in a Habs uniform yet, which shows what the management sees him as. In every situation during a season, whether it be regular season or playoffs, Weber is definitely a guy I would take on my team.

Another thing to note is that the Habs power play will be miles more effective this upcoming season. With the re-addition of Kirk Muller to the coaching staff, as well as the acquisitions of Alexander Radulov and Shea Weber on the point, the Canadiens struggling power play will hopefully find the back of the net way more often this season. Weber enjoyed a 20-goal season last year, with a good amount of them coming from one-timers from the point on the man-advantage. He has always had a lethal shot, as he has repeatedly been considered one of the more “goal-scoring” defensemen in the league. Scoring from the back-end is key on a winning team, so fans should be welcoming him with open arms to a power play that has has fallen out of the top-1o in recent years.

In addition, Shea Weber is a pain to play against, especially in the corners. Throughout his whole career, he has had to matchup against opposing teams’ top lines and stars. Analytics tell one story, but talk to any player that has gone head-to-head with the guy on ice, and they will tell you the true story. It’s been reported that former Habs analytics consultant Matt Pfeffer called Shea Weber a “serviceable, average NHL player.” This is completely ridiculous; no wonder the Canadiens decided to let go of him. Weber is VERY far from an average player, and I think it’s the biggest insult to even call him anywhere close to average. Weber is an elite defenseman; he has been his whole career. Even former NHL players and current stars have reacted to the trade and Weber leaving the Western conference, as Darcy Tucker and Jonathan Toews showed their opinion on Twitter when the trade happened and recently when Pfeffer made the comment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.06.57 PM

Subban will be missed dearly by all the Montreal fans and myself. Everyone will miss his personality, but his departure should not take away what Shea Weber brings to the Montreal Canadiens. I can tell you right now, the Eastern Conference superstar forwards won’t be happy playing against the beast in Shea Weber, as the Habs will be a very hard team to play next season.

Note: Matt Pfeffer has since clarified his statement mentioned above here (click).

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12 Responses to Why Habs Fans Should Be Excited About Shea Weber

  1. Sigh. I understand your position, but have to see it is all backfill.

    His past is irrelevant: we are stuck with the aging and provably declining present: just as we experienced with the precise same type of trade for precisely the same reasons: Scott Gomez.

    Moreover you throw in “he’s good in the room” and “good in the corners”. We gave away Subban’s performance for attitude?

    You want to justify this & feel good–I get that. But the facts are facts: Nashville made that trade in a heartbeat and every other GM, beside Bergevin, would have done the same thing.

    Weber, like Gomez, is a fine player. But he is not Subban straight up…by a long shot.

    We’ve been betrayed–and I am just as much of a die-hard fan as you are, a for longer (I’m much older than you :–)


    Andrew July 18, 2016 at 7:30 pm Reply
    • He’s 30 which means he has 4 more solid years. Everyone thinks P.K. is the greatest d man ever… he a exciting but dangerous player… exactly why he’s been left off of Team Canada… Weber plays top minutes … he will be able to protect Price. and the biggest part is the PP will be 5 times better… Subban got top minutes over the last 3 years and the PP has been horrible… he misses the net way to much… Weber has the hardest and most accurate shot in the NHL. If there is also some truth to players not getting along with him who’s fault is that … I’d have to say Subban’s. 9 Millions dollars is way to much money for a selfish player… you got the big money you should have bought into what ever the team wanted you to do.

      Hammer August 4, 2016 at 7:13 pm Reply
  2. Andrew. I take exception to your comment. I live in the west so I see a lot of Nashville games. Weber is an elite defenseman, far far from average. Granted he’s 31 but he’s still in his prime. Shea right now is an all around better defenseman. Short term this is a better deal for the Habs. Long term, Nashville wins.
    And comparing Weber to Gomez. Please Gomez was NEVER a good let alone great player, that was the WORST trade Gainey ever made!

    Ken July 18, 2016 at 10:17 pm Reply
    • Weber is not better than Subban right now, he’s still very good but the eye-test nor the stats have him above P.K. at this point in his career. Also, stating that Gomez was never a good player is quite harsh. Gomez had a number of years in his career.

      Michael Gomez July 19, 2016 at 11:24 pm Reply
      • Gomez had one good year. In New Jersey, NY Montreal he sucked, Look it up.Weber 20 goals last year. PK 6? Weber s better defensively and he’ll fight if he has to. PK isn’t a fighter and a soft hitter unless he gets in that hip check. I’m a PK fan but I also see a lot of Weber and Weber IS better than PK right now. Good trade for short term but not long term.

        Ken July 21, 2016 at 11:04 pm Reply
        • You’re selling PK Short. Not sure how much you have seen of Weber, and I like the guy, but he has fallen off in recent years. He is still a very good d-man but Subban is ahead of him. Subban doesn’t get enough credit for his defensive work, or at all – which by the way, he is solid.

          Michael Gomez July 22, 2016 at 12:48 pm Reply
          • Have to disagree a wee bit Michael. PK’s downfall is his defense. He’s a little better than average in that department. He has cost the team wins with his defense. But I will say that he has made huge strides since entering the league. And he is only getting better. I guess we can go on like this for ever so let’s agree to disagree. Cheers

            Ken July 22, 2016 at 11:12 pm
          • Ha, the only problem is that your disagreement is based on your opinion, mine is based on fact. If you did some research on P.K.’s defensive abilities, you would know that he is solid in that department and that is no disrespect to you. I just find that people don’t give him enough respect in that at all because they already made up their mind about him defensively.

            Michael Gomez July 23, 2016 at 12:12 am
          • Price not in net… and PK numbers would be a lot worse… Subban has cough up the puck numerous times leaving his goalie all alone… to bail him out cause Price is that good.

            Hammer August 4, 2016 at 7:16 pm
          • Hahaha, right and the amount of times others like Emelin and Markov that Price bails out? Come on. You’re acting like he has only ever bailed out P.K.

            But really, giveaways is a stat like many others that are heavily flawed. A giveaway to one stat recorder in an area on any given night is different to another, especially in a home building.

            Michael Gomez August 4, 2016 at 11:00 pm
  3. Hey a good article to support the arrival of Weber to Montreal. But the problems remain with Bergevin and Therrien still with this situation. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of the deal. I watched several Preds playoff games and did not feel that Weber is a superior talent. Yes he has that terrific shot and we can only hope that Muller will have the opportunity to make use of it. The variables with MT are is he going to relinquish Game Management to Muller. Simply meaning will this team under Muller’s guidance return to a “Possession” style of play or will we be forced to live under the Chip & Chase system that Therrien believes in especially after it worked so well last year? Further to that will the new “Possession” style be used with the AHL team on the Rock? Therrien has one of his clones down there masquerading as a Head Coach and running the same shit for Offense style.
    The 3rd variable on Therrien is “Who” is going to partner with Weber. If I was a betting man I’m pretty sure it’s Markovwho skates out there with him on Day 1. But is that the right choice? Therrien prefers his Favourites and most veterans ahead of young talent even if it’s the wrong decision. Personally I feel Markov’s game has suffered under the misuse by Therrien. By playing top minutes in all situations each night it takes a lot out of him as the schedule progresses. Since his return to active duty Markov has not performed up to par once the playoff seasons began. He appeared “burnt out”, tired, lost in his end that resulted in many more penalties taken. These were the holding, tripping, interference type of penalties when he is just trying to survive the shift and end up hurting the team. Therrien has refused the notion of sitting him one of the games in the many “back to back” games we play over a season. This also hurts the 7th Defensemen who misses out in getting some game action. I think with his advancing age and reduced defensive effectiveness Markov is not the right choice to play alongside Weber.
    The next obvious choice would be Nathan Beaulieau. His speed, youth and aggressiveness along with his Offensive talent would serve him well playing with Weber. I think he’d learn a lot from Weber especially slowing down the game for him instead of him rushing all over the place. Problem is Therrien is not a real fan of Beaulieau’s work. Instead of nurturing his offensive talents MT has used him as his stand by punching bag enforcer. He got clocked last year and suffered a concussion in one of his many unnecessary fights. This is what happened to Tinordi who was a terrible fighter in junior and even worse as a pro. Continued misuse of prize assets by MT have hurt this team time and again. I still believe that Bergevin is searching for another option to use instead and Beaulieau will be part of the over payment package to secure this new defensemen.

    Ned Stark July 21, 2016 at 3:46 am Reply
  4. Delusional Habs fans, I cant wait until Nashville wins alot and Montreal gets embarrssed again.

    DocketRocket July 30, 2016 at 6:05 pm Reply

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