Weave In: Mike Weaver Comes To Montreal

In exchange for a 5th round pick to the Florida Panthers, Mike Weaver finds himself weaving his way into the Montreal Canadiens’ seemingly endless depth chart of defencemen, namely when referring to either relatively high end prospects or fringe players that are usually of veteran age.  Where does 35 year old Mike Weaver fit in and what does he bring to the table?


He has been around the block a time or two.  Starting in Atlanta, Weaver found his way through Los Angeles, Vancouver, St. Louis and –in his longest standing tenure of his career– Florida since 2010.  What’s kept him on the move? Perhaps it’s that since his start in the 2001-2002 season, he’s been a minus player in eight of his twelve seasons, including this one where he currently sits at -9.


To be fair, Weaver hasn’t played for the best teams throughout his career so his help has been minimal but it also indicates that he is far from an impact player on any of his given teams.  His best season ended up being the last one he spent in St. Louis before becoming a Florida Panther where he was a +10.  He didn’t even drop off much in the following years as a +1 and -2, having gone from 10 points on the season to 13 and 16 in the following seasons respectively.


The 5’10 and 180 pound veteran doesn’t bring a great deal of size to the table so what could the Bramalea, Ontario native possibly offer aside from marginal numbers? So far he sounds like a slight upgrade numerically over Douglas Murray but it has to be more than that.  Considering his age and the amount of time he spent with in Florida, one would have to suggest than what he can most likely offer is some sort of leadership but there’s a seemingly significant chance that he is the kind of guy that would best fit guiding the prospects along in Hamilton, being that he’s clearly not a “lead by example” type of guy.


The good news, if nothing else, is that Weaver is a cap hit of only 1.1 and it is only until this season’s end.  By no means is this at all a bad contract or any kind of gamble so anyone worrying about Subban’s upcoming contract can rest easy.  Given his veteran presence, does this mean that his arrival makes another disposable? Would he be a band-aid for whomever should end up traded following his move until someone new can be acquired through free agency?


It’s another marginal deal made by Bergevin but this one seems perhaps the least consequential of all, lesser so even than Davis Drewiske… unless either traded 5th round pick given up for Drewiske or Weaver ends up producing the next Brendan Gallagher, in which case no one in Montreal will ever hear  the end of it.


Ultimately, give little, take little, expect nothing.  This deal, until given reason otherwise, should not be thought much of.  The only potential interest is if this creates a domino effect of roster moves.  That’s about it.


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One Response to Weave In: Mike Weaver Comes To Montreal

  1. Surprised you didn’t mention one of the nice perks of the trade. He is a right handed defensemen. Especially if we can now finally get Murray off the roster, this allows an extra player to be playing his natural side. This could prove especially useful for Emelin who has looked very weak on his off-side as of late.

    Ben Trombley March 4, 2014 at 4:17 pm Reply

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