Wealing & Dealing: Jordan Weal For Michael Chaput

As the world turns through this state in which the people of Montreal are actually happy that Marc Bergevin is settling solely for depth moves out of the bargain bin, the cheers will continue as the much maligned Michael Chaput –falling out of any good grace rather quickly as the season ran on– finds himself with a ticket to the desert in exchange for Jordan Weal.


Why Weal? Imagine Nate Thompson but faster, still fierce and tenacious and while his faceoff numbers were nothing impressive in Arizona, he won 60(!!) percent of his draws in Philadelphia.  The big difference between Weal and Thompson is that Jordan Weal is a player that also makes the analytics people happy as he appears to be capable of bringing a number of controlled zone entries and any player that can bring the Canadiens further away from the dump and chase era is going to be a welcome addition.


Michael Chaput saw a few strong penalty kill shifts earlier in the season but failed to truly find himself fitting in with the Habs.  Jordan Weal, on the other hand, is essentially the embodiment of a fit for this incarnation of the Montreal Canadiens.  After all, what is not to love about a mobile guy with strong puck control and is considered to have some untapped offensive potential? Depth guys have been rolling in and finding their stride with this team for some time now and being that the North Vancouver native is only 26 years old, the tank has not exactly run dry just yet.  This is not to say that the Habs will magically whip him into a constant contender for the Rocket Richard trophy but Jordan Weal is clearly excited based on the sounds of his early responses to this deal going down, sounding closer to Dale Weise than Dwight King at the very least.


Michael Chaput was going to free agency and this team was not going to bring him back.  Jordan Weal carries a price tag of $1,750,000 for the remainder of this season with UFA status on his name as of July 1st.  This was essentially a no cost upgrade.

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