Two Games In, Krug and Hamilton Have Carey Price “All Figured Out”

Despite arguably being the best goaltender in the world, Carey Price has apparently been “figured out.” Blueliners Torey Krug and Dougie Hamilton said in a statement that they’ve noticed Price gets low in an effort to see around screens created by the players in front of him and to beat him, you have to shoot high.

Price didn’t exactly take what the “experts” had to say to heart and responded it to it with this (via

I’ve seen a lot of scouting reports on lots of goalies throughout the league, and that’s pretty much the scouting report on everybody. It’s the same for Tuukka [Rask]. It’s the same for me. It’s the same for Ben Bishop. It’s the same for Corey Crawford. It’s a pretty irrelevant comment.”

Coach Michel Therrien stressed that this didn’t seem to affect his players and it “certainly doesn’t affect him.” He also made a point to call these attempts a ploy to psych out the opposition, also known as the “Bruins style.” It would seem so, considering in last year’s Stanley Cup Finals, the Bruins said something similar about Crawford’s glove side. If that were the case, why didn’t the Bruins run up the score on them every single game?

So, to the opinion piece of this, what Krug and Hamilton said may be true, but if there’s anyone who can improve on it, it’d be Carey Price. Price is a Gold-Medal Olympian. He didn’t get there by being figured out. He got there by being the best and constantly improving as a player.

However, what they’re saying is a load of bullshit. They’re trying to psych the Canadiens out and get them to stoop to their level on and off the ice. As long as the Habs continue to play their game for a whole 60+ minutes, don’t succumb to the Bruins cheap play and match their physicality like they have all year, this series has the potential to become a story to remember on the trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Because quite frankly, if we can beat Boston, we can beat pretty much anyone.

I truly feel like this is our year. It’s time for number 25. It’s time to bring the Stanley Cup back to it’s rightful country, province and city. It’s time to prove to the hockey world that Canadiens history isn’t just in the past, but that it still lives today. It’s time to prove that we’re still and always will be the best team in the NHL.

Go Habs!

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