Trying Out Tomas: Fleischmann Earns PTO

Fleisch HERO

All of these bottom six forwards but just that many spaces to be had on a night by night basis: six.  One more contender finds himself potentially earning his way into one of those spots in the 31 year old, 6’1, 192 pound two time twenty goal scorer Tomas Fleischmann.


Having spent the majority of his career with the Washington Capitals and Florida Panthers, Fleischmann found himself playing 14 games for the Anaheim Ducks last season and amassing 6 points over that span.  A winger with his particular style could look particularly attractive on the wing of Lars Eller or perhaps even Jacob De La Rose so the Canadiens decide they will try the proverbial shoe on and perhaps wear it in the event that it fits.


Having twice reached the twenty goal plateau in his big league career, not too much fuss should –nor will– be made over it as Fleischmann has also only managed to reach ten goals or more four times.  Yes, his assist totals have almost always been higher than that of his goal totals but in the event of looking to that extra presence in the bottom six for that supplementary goal production, eyes still best be kept locked onto Christian Thomas with the hopes that he exhibits the confidence/instinct to utilize his gifts more often.


Fleischmann is certainly justifiably worthy of a professional tryout, though.  The reason he could be an attractive asset in spite of likely not answering the goal production issues is that over the last three years his first assists per 60 minutes played have been somewhere in the range of a first liner and Corsi fanatics will see his impact on his linemates at a second line level.  Getting a capable distributor may not be the most direct path to garnering greater offensive success but there is some glimmer of hope that he will be able to come up with something.


If he is a bottom six player and makes something of an impact in a limited role, why is he relegated to PTO status? Plus/minus believers will cite that with the exception of this past season that in that three season span he has had less than impressive standing.  Those same people would be best served to remember that he was on a couple non-playoff teams, though.  Cue the war between the basic stats and fancy stats as they seem to neglect, thus far, to coexist.


With 9 points in 35 career playoff games, he is unlikely to be Rene Bourque 2.0 either.


The bottom line is that the likelihood Fleischmann –in the event that he is signed going forwards– concocts a small miracle of sorts is something that no one should bet the house on but with some versatile capabilities to his game, he could find himself useful somewhere throughout the lineup.  His contract would, if nothing else, be easy against the cap and no tall task to dispose of.


No harm, no foul.


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