Toronto “Make-me-laughs”

Photo: Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

Photo: Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

To be a true Habs fan, cheering against the Maple Leafs simply isn’t enough. You  despise their ugly blue and white jerseys. You constantly make fun of their terrible trades. You laugh at the fact they haven’t made the playoffs since before the 2005 lockout. And of course, who can forget their Stanley Cup winning team of 1967? Everyone has.

There’s a reason Toronto named their team the “Leafs” instead of the proper  plural name “leaves”. The acronym “Losers Even After Forty Seasons” is the exact reason behind their Leafs nick-name.

Toronto fans always bash us Hab fans because of our obnoxiousness, but that ignorance clearly shows their wisdom as hockey fans. Leaf fans also blame us for always talking about the past, saying “we have 24 cups”, well if they had 24 cups, they would say the same thing. I really have no idea when it became a bad thing to be proud of your history. So what we’re obnoxious? The dynasty and legacy that is Les Glorieux deserves to be praised, and that is why we sing loud and proud. Apparently chanting OLE OLE OLE, is annoying, who knew?

Leaf fans were completely silent tonight after the dominating performance the Habs gave them at the ACC. They came up with no excuses for the game tonight, because there were no words. Montreal simply beat them. Convincingly.

Usually Toronto fans have plenty of excuses for a loss, but it was a different night tonight. It seemed as though “Leafs Nation” was dead.

Now if there’s one thing that defines Hab fans from Leaf fans, it is not obnoxiousness, it is pride. We do not hide under a rock after a big loss, at least I didn’t. I wore my jersey to church the morning after the Leafs 6-0 victory on February 9th with pride.

The Canadiens finished dead last in the Eastern Conference last year, but Hab fans sold out the Bell Centre every night. After every loss, Hab fans were still awake and sharing their love for the CH. Montreal fans didn’t shy away from sporting their Canadiens gear in opposition rinks. If anything, Hab fans wanted to prove that they loved their team through thick and thin. “Faithfully” became my  new favorite word. I faced plenty of adversity, but I would say that I only fell more in love with the Canadiens last year because the adversity I faced during that terrible season. There was never a time I ever felt ashamed or embarrassed to wear my Habs jersey, not even once. It’s a pleasure and an honor to wear the bleu, blanc et rouge. Never would I ever place a bag over my head; that is something a Leaf fan does (or throw waffles).

Never lose your pride fellow Hab fans. Wear that jersey with pride, through thick and thin. Last year is over, were back on top now. REP’ OUR TEAM



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One Response to Toronto “Make-me-laughs”

  1. Sure this is a Habs website, but this article is so blindly one sided that it made me laugh. Some quality journalism there, my friend.

    SensShaun April 26, 2013 at 3:12 pm Reply

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