Tick Tock on the Clock, Trade Deadline is the Next Stop

Photo: rds.ca

Photo: rds.ca

The Canadiens are on the road to the playoffs, a place that they unfortunately were not a part of last season. They have had quite a convincing year so far and you could argue that they have overachieved. In my opinion, this is a good hockey club and you should not take what they have been able to accomplish lightly. The addition of Bergevin was only the first hiring to right the ship that was claiming Titanic status. What Marc has done, the people he has brought in and what he will continue to do for the Canadiens have been and will continue to be how Montreal, the most historic franchise, should be run.

The trade deadline is coming up quite quickly. There are holes that need to be patched up within the Habs line up, but Bergevin will only pull the trigger on a deal that makes absolute sense for his club. If he does not do anything at all, should Habs fans be angry with this? I say absolutely not. Bergevin will not make a deal that will hurt the future of the Canadiens. He won’t toss prospects and picks at a player that most likely will walk to free agency in the summer. The Habs made those poor decisions in the past; that was then and this is now. The best way to go into deadline day is to not have any expectations regarding Montreal; you’re less likely to be disappointed that way.

Photo: Kyle Terada, USA Today

Photo: Kyle Terada, USA Today

The Habs have been rumored repeatedly in the hunt for Ryane Clowe of the San Jose Sharks. There are a lot of problems that have risen in regards to that. Clowe is having his worst year by far at this point. His penalty minutes have been adding up like normal, but the goal scoring significantly lacks… well, it simply does not exist with the season more than half over. That is quite concerning for a guy that has been known to find the back of the net. Additionally, Clowe does have a bum shoulder that has been nagging him throughout the season. Regardless of the fact that he has fought in this short year, it should still worry any potential buyers looking to add his services. You could argue about Clowe’s playoff experience with the Sharks as something that is positive. While it is good to have guys that have been in the dance before, it is hard to ignore the fact that the Sharks were never able to get over that last hump. Clowe is physical, his body has taken a beating, he is UFA this summer and he is not getting any younger. If the rumored price tag of Clowe is true, it is in Montreal’s best interest to say thanks but no thanks and walk far away. San Jose apparently would not only like a first round pick but also a prospect for him. That is flat out ridiculous, however, if a team is that desperate, they may do it. Perhaps Boston will since they lost out on Morrow and Iginla in a short amount of time. As for Bergevin, say no to Clowe. He is not needed.

Photo: canadiens.com

Photo: canadiens.com

The best thing to happen for the Habs would be getting some of their injured players back before the post-season. That in itself is better than any trade they could make. Prust appears to be the closest to get back into the line up currently. He has become a huge fan favourite and it is hard to knock on anything that he does on the ice. Bourque is visiting the same doctor Crosby went to down in Atlanta after having a setback in his recovery and Diaz can barely workout in the gym, which is quite a hard hit to the team as well. Watching Bouillon and Gorges as the pairing on the second powerplay wave has been frustrating, so his lack of presence is surely being felt.

If the Habs do make a move or multiple moves before they will be unable to do so until the offseason, I believe they will be more minor than anything. While they have been able to compete with tough teams like Boston and Pittsburgh, it does not look like they are in the favorable cards to hoist Lord Stanley up high. Pittsburgh is definitely all in this year with the recent moves and Boston should look to respond. The Habs do not have to toss their final chips in and hope for a Royal Flush on the river.  It’s always possible that they could surprise and have a long playoff run, but they should not break the bank or hurt their future chances by taking a gamble right now.

Habs fans must trust Bergevin to make the right decisions as they have already. He will be working the phones and taking advice from his scouts, however, if he doesn’t feel that what is on table will make the team better now and down the road, he won’t do it. Respect that because it is better than what this organization has decided to do in the past.

In Bergevin we trust.

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One Response to Tick Tock on the Clock, Trade Deadline is the Next Stop

  1. I agree, NO TO CLOWE!!!! It doesn’t help that I dislike that guy very much also!!

    We for sure need our injured boys back, that will help!

    Marc Kagan March 28, 2013 at 3:44 pm Reply

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