Throwing Michel Therrien Under The Bus

The validity of any given point in regards to what a blithering putz Michel Therrien is loses something of its grasp in its eloquence.  The gloves have to come off now for his recent actions, behavior and responses.  The recurring theme as this season wears on is that this is no longer business but a personal matter.  This is not a direction anyone wants to go, myself included.  These parameters must be broken because this team is in a state of emergency.


Quite frankly, any thought out, well presented and professionally mannered point has taken a backseat as of this moment; the reason being never bring a rifle to a toilet fight. (Using that phrase in a column: check it off the list of life goals)


It feels as though relaying anything said by a blathering nincompoop by the name of Michel Therrien would cause one’s skin to spontaneously combust and burn into thin air but here it goes…


“As a coach, I think [Subban] could have made a better decision.  He put himself in a tough position.”


A tough position, Michel, you blockheaded twat, is being stapled to the bench –just like he was so often during his NORRIS TROPHY WINNING SEASON– when the game is on the line and your team desperately needs that game tying goal to come within (hopefully) four points of a playoff spot.   It seems so much farther away because the coach puts it so much farther away.


Zero hesitation to slam the most competitive player in the National Hockey League for wanting to win the game and losing an edge and his balance.  Hell, look at the play and the body position.  If any other star player goes down on that play, they draw a power play.  It is one thing for an outside fan base, an opposing team or even a horrifically run league to not recognize or respect the most marketable, most dynamic hockey player in the world; it is ENTIRELY another for this to occur from said player’s “coach” in light of an attempt to do his job.


God forbid this team or anyone on it play to do more than get a loser point.  God forbid someone on this team should PLAY TO WIN regardless of season status or standings.  Guess what? In the event of an overtime loss, the points are hardly productive and gets this team farther away from a better draft pick.  There is nothing difficult to understand here to a civilized mind but that would classify too highly for a in imbecile that parks his useless posterior behind the Canadiens bench like the mental, physical and emotional anchor that he is.


Michel Therrien had no David Desharnais against the Colorado Avalanche.  Behold, Lars Eller and Max Pacioretty produce points and they get less time on ice than Jacob De La Rose.


…Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?!


This coach would rather demote the appointed captain than promote Lars Eller.  What in the name of Newsy Lalonde’s ghost is the meaning of this “logic” application? The same coach gave rightful third pair defenceman Tom Gilbert more time on ice than P.K. Subban from top to bottom.  It is one thing to showcase a team’s trade bait but another thing entirely to show complete disregard for the team, the job that with any God or remorse will no longer be his after season’s end and to showcase complete disregard for the intelligence of anyone that still cares enough to watch this shit show.  There really is no other word at this point.  This is that far out of hand because Michel Therrien has done exactly that to anyone with the slightest investment in this team, monetary, emotional or otherwise.


This is still too eloquent for an understanding at the intelligence (loosely utilized word here) level of Michel Therrien.  Something more primitive is completely, unquestionably necessary: This campaign is what is classified as being STUNNINGLY and EMBARRASSINGLY arrogant, stubborn, unwilling to adapt or adjust and insulting to the investment, integrity and intelligence of ANYONE and EVERYONE that has ever worn or bled the colors of Les Canadiens as a fan, a player or otherwise.


Mike Yeo was fired by the Minnesota Wild for a bad slump.  Michel Therrien was foxholed for the single worst stretch in franchise history.  That is in excess of a century.  No other team in the league can say that and they certainly cannot say so while watching the window of the prime of some players, the emergence of others and the last legs of the veterans creeps to a close… but this team can, not that it wants to.


Marc Bergevin’s beard is a clear physical indicator of how that foxhole he dug himself into is holding up at this point of the season.  If he wants to hide himself from the public in Montreal or come out of hiding until he fixes this team, that beard is going to have to get big enough to cover those snappy suits he wears.


No one can even say “nice hair, though” about Michel Therrien while explaining that he is simply not ready; he has never had nice hair nor has he been ready nor will he ever be or have either of those things.  The head coach of the Montreal Canadiens has reduced this franchise to the point of insulting his hair.  He did this, no one else other than perhaps the General Manager or the owner that refuse to fire him.  This stuff cannot be made up.


The time has come to throw Michel Therrien under the bus; the very same one that he himself has thrown every player with the exception of his favorite son David Desharnais plus perhaps Alexei Emelin and Andrei Markov under.  Andrei Markov struggles because his minutes are mismanaged? Therrien was near tearsP.K. Subban struggles because he was a man on an island and Max Pacioretty refused to play defence? Under the bus.


The audacity of a totalitarian, dictatorial fascist to pick and choose his favorites at the cost of running the most storied franchise in the game into the ground has left players, fans and otherwise without right or reason to grow a beard this spring.  With any good fortune, Michel Therrien can sport a mustache spanning only in width from one end of his nose to the other while he stands in the unemployment line.


Considering this the simulated post-game interview of anyone to ever desire to air any grievance with Michel Therrien.


“Why didn’t your coach come out with his best players following that goal for?” – Because he fails to grasp the concept of momentum.


“What about that goal against?” – Because he fails to understand the concept of turning momentum in this team’s favor.


“Why does Michel Therrien insist on playing a third line left winger as the top line center even though the team is numerically proven better without him?” – It is not just the number, it is the game footage and a concrete fact that this team is better off without David Desharnais.


“Why would Michel Therrien insist on playing a style that was somewhat relevant –at best– in 1995 and giving the majority of time on ice to the least talented members of this team?” – The two go hand-in-hand; he wants to make this team less skilled for some inexplicable reason so he can relive the worst years the game ever saw for reasons also inexplicable.


“Why would Michel Therrien get a point per game player hot and fresh out of the American Hockey League, watch him fill a top six forward void and demote him to the fourth line, resulting in him being sent back down?” – Because the man clearly hates hockey, hates this team and hates anyone that has fun watching them or having fun period.  It would be funny if it was not true nor so sad.


“Why would Michel Therrien insist on playing a tight, defensive game but favor a ‘center’ that fails to backcheck and a *grinding* winger that plays less and less physically whilst cheating out of the zone before he even thinks this team has the puck?” – Because doing otherwise would simply make too much sense given prior explanations.


“Will Michel Therrien ever have another job in the National Hockey League once he is mercifully fired as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens?” – Going out on a limb here and saying that no, not even the Toronto Maple Leafs would hire such an embarrassment to be part of their Mickey Mouse organization, all apologies to Mickey Mouse and Disney.


Heads have been beaten against the wall since he was first hired and heads have been beaten against the wall ever since the moment this nightmare was first relived.  Everyone is finally at the point of permanent brain damage as a result of being exposed to this toxic stupidity put on display before us each and every game day.  The toxic fumes have spread to the once genius Marc Bergevin and caused him to come down with what is hopefully only a temporary case of the derps.


The season is likely lost but player development never is.  For the love of all that is sane, dispose of these waste cases running the bench on the farm and in Montreal before even Trevor Timmins can no longer equip this organization with such talented hopefuls.  All he can do is open the door.  What happens once they are inside is not his duty.  Right now, it is akin to playing The Wizard Of Oz in reverse: everything is in vibrant color, only to open these now mysterious doors and see greyscale drab and futility behind them.


This will not change until Michel Therrien is thrown under the bus not only by the people but by the Montreal Canadiens organization itself.  Unfortunately for now until April, Marc Bergevin has been known for sticking perhaps too firmly to his word and not having the balls to make the bold move; a day one supporter of Marc Bergevin sincerely doubts that he will have the balls to step up and right his wrong as a result of this.


For All About The Habs,


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7 Responses to Throwing Michel Therrien Under The Bus

  1. if other players had made better decicisons earlier on in the game pk wouldnt have been in the situation to make that decicision furthermore the situationb is more than pk suban he comptes gallagher competes galchenyuk competes byron competes leer competes thou he is brain dead and the res ike smith weise flyn mitchell pateryn schrivens are passengers and the others really dont care this team is way to soft no one is afraid to play em

    thomas lett February 18, 2016 at 8:09 am Reply
  2. AS a hockey guy – you must point out that Subban won his NORRIS TROPHY in a strike shortened season. Only reason he won.
    No validation, your words without an asterisk besides NORRIS TROPHY belittles your opinions however true they may be.

    Therrien must go. Subban needs to disciplined sometimes , *NORRIS TROPHY or not. There are too many enablers in Montreal. Part of the reason the team stumbles for 23 years now. Any coach must play the marketing card and realize their hands are tied with a nine million dollar player.

    Unless the team places the dollar sign behind hockey, this team is doomed.

    Rick Keene February 18, 2016 at 9:46 am Reply
    • every player who won that yr won in a shortened season and every player had the same opportuinity in the shortened season.. thats like saying LA only won the cup because it was a shortened season… btw pk has 44 points 4 in the league amongst defence.. MOST ON THE ENTIRE HABS ROSTER… why dont you blame pk formthe shortened season.. your argument has no merit..

      jacqueline February 18, 2016 at 12:49 pm Reply
  3. Since the GM won’t take the step to fire the coach, perhaps Mr. Molson should do it since he is Bergevin’s boss after all. The fans need to see some leadership from the organization and it is not evident at the moment. The team needs encouragement from their coach, not the silent treatment that is evident during each game. Even with my limited hockey knowledge, I know that team work is fostered in encouragement and praise when warranted. These guys get neither. The assistants show more support for this deflated team than management.

    The playoffs may be out of reach for this year, however, a new management team could work wonders in the upcoming season. Mr. Molson needs to step up to the plate and play with the big boys.

    Therese February 18, 2016 at 10:27 am Reply
  4. pk subban has been a joke this year with that infamous move at the blueline of giving up the puck and in other cases lugging the damn thing when it should be passed- too much an individual and it is time he grew up and was held respnsible for his lacklustre play and earned his contract the old fashioned way -proper work ethic

    Patrick Cahill February 18, 2016 at 3:57 pm Reply
    • This comment is laughable at best that I can’t even acknowledge it even further than I have.

      Caleb February 18, 2016 at 7:05 pm Reply
    • Lacklustre play? He leads the entire team in points and is the only one outside of Gallagher that comes out every night and tries to win. His work ethic is some of the best in the entire league. What exactly are you on?

      Michael Gomez February 18, 2016 at 7:09 pm Reply

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