This Is Personal: Canadiens Mortgage The Future Or Mortgage Now

There are but a few simple guidelines I follow as a columnist and one is to never speak from a personal standpoint.  This, however, is not business; this is personal.  Marc Bergevin has made this personal.  Marc Bergevin is a guy that I personally have given credit to since the beginning of his tenure.  Marc Bergevin started out exacting and enacting my personal view/philosophy for this team with the exception of one particular move regarding the coaching staff but the batting average was certainly in his favor.  Marc Bergevin made this personal by keeping a coach that no other team in the National Hockey League would allow to survive outside of perhaps the circumstances of it being the team’s first year in the league.


The Montreal Canadiens are not in their first year in the National Hockey League.  No, they are –in fact– the oldest team in the game today.  Literally the exact opposite of their first year in the league.


Marc Bergevin says “it’s on me” in regards to recent struggles.  It was not exactly on him but he has done everything in his power to make it as such.  My personal support for him kept me and a host of others by his side in preaching patience.


Patience has effectively run out, Marc.  DO. SOMETHING. NOW.


It starts with firing the resident dunce behind the bench.  All that Michel Therrien is missing is the pointed cap and corner stool.  No other coach garners such miniscule results with such a ready to win team.  The fact that a coach can go without pairing his best center (playing at left wing) and his top scoring left wing at any juncture is pure insanity but to refuse to do so during a five minute power play while he grants exceptional status to every fourth liner he can get his hands on? Words fail to describe such a vacancy of logic.


Thousands of words on end could detail the stupidity of each and any given asinine maneuver on the part of Michel Therrien but such has been done time and time again.


You say it’s “on you” so the focus will now be shifted directly to you, Marc.


Marc Bergevin has stated previously that he will not “mortgage the future” in order to win now.  Allow me, on behalf of furious and disgusted Canadiens fans everywhere, to illustrate the problem with not mortgaging the future.


Carey Price, top goaltender in the world, is affordable for two more years after this.

P.K. Subban, the best defenceman in the world, is in his prime.

Max Pacioretty, 30+ goal scorer, is affordable for a few more years.

Alex Galchenyuk, best in the 2012 draft class, is affordable for two more years.

Brendan Gallagher, the envy of 29 other teams, is on a bargain contract.

Tomas Plekanec, foolishly extended, is a bigger cap hit after this season.

Nathan Beaulieu, at his best when he was playing on the top pair but not the same since reasonless demotion, is affordable for one more year.

Andrei Markov, a wily aging defenceman with a coach that says one thing but does another, is clearly almost finished.


When is the last time the Montreal Canadiens had a contendership window like this? 1993? Better yet… How long will it remain open?


The answer all points to this:



The Chicago Blackhawks picked up Antoine Vermette, The Los Angeles Kings picked up Marian Gaborik, they acquired other critical deadline pieces in any of their given Stanley Cup wins that occurred over the last… yes, that’s right, FIVE Stanley Cup wins in SIX years.

Not willing to rent, Marc? Get over it.  It has to be done.  If you do not want to rent players, dump the useless ones for anything you can, forget about the return and extend your rentals.  It never appeared to be a problem with Jeff Petry anyways.

The goal of winning not just one or two but three or four or more Stanley Cups is admirable Marc but guess what? You will be remembered in an eternally shining light if you get even just the one.  Don’t look back but don’t look too far forwards.  Just worry about the one right now and the rest will come.

I saw the rats flee the ship, I stayed on board.  I watched a few good men sink and drown, I stayed on board.  I’m watching the ship itself go down and I’m about chin deep in water.  Sorry, Mr. Bergevin.  I’m swimming for the shore.  Patience is a virtue but virtues have no place in hockey.  It is a mean and nasty sport and business.  It does not care who your friends are or what it takes to get the job done.  Your buddy must be fired but don’t worry… that little extension you gave him will ensure that he never has to work another day in his life.

The list of players and prospects that are not for sale is a short one.  You know this but it is now shorter than it was before.  Okay, maybe you will give up a good or even great player or two that will come up in humongous fashion with another team but part of that reason is that they won’t be playing a strictly north-south game and dumping the puck in with about six minutes of time on ice per game.  By not giving them up, you are guaranteed giving up the open window for the proven best players you have.  Risk a loss or guarantee a loss? The choice is in the hands of Montreal’s management but their time to do the right thing is ever fleeting along with the faith of those left behind to boo in the Bell Centre.

This is personal, Marc.  You have personally hurt, disappointed and –entering the realm of– disgusted everyone that has stood by you; I am no exception to this uncomfortable reality.

This is personal.  It needs to be business again.  This tire fire is not what is best for business.

For All About The Habs,


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5 Responses to This Is Personal: Canadiens Mortgage The Future Or Mortgage Now

  1. What is left to be said about both this GM and coach that hasn’t already been said? The fans of this hockey club are totally fed up with of all this crap! Meanwhile Geoff Molson is sitting back sipping on his product while chomping on a cigar! Seems like?!? We are the worst team in the NHL and nothing seems to bother this braintrust in the very least. But lets give a pat on the collective backs of this coaching staff and call it a day. Bergevin called it a year the very moment he stood in front of that mic three weeks ago with his ‘coaching endorsement, it’s all on me’ spiel. Until someone conks this man on the head to make him realize that those idiotic extensions to both Tomas Plekanec and David Desharnais is what’s negating this team from doing any offensive damage, his team will remain that dormant illusion of an afterthought that pitted the two players in such high regard; regardless of the bromance that his head coach seems to have for both. Again, I will reiterate what I have been saying for some time now. Mistake #1 was his hiring of Michel Therrien. (Two second round exits and having a healthy Carey Price, but for just two examples, give those points validity.) Mistake #2 was his not so modern day vision when he stated when hired that he will be build from within. And whereabouts do we select in the draft order every year? And while that’s not conceivably realistic, other teams within our conference plucks away at the UFA’s and are stronger with each passing year while our GM plucks away 3rd and 4th liners from which their former teams upgraded from following their departure. Marc Bergevin created this mess with that inane vision of his. And the inept puppets behind the bench will still collect a paycheck every two weeks.

    Lee McNeil February 3, 2016 at 12:06 am Reply
  2. You tell it like it is! I’ve been thinking and saying this for a long while now. Finally I’m reading what I was thinking. This friendship first thing is really making me angry. And what’s worse, is he’s not doing anything to make up for not firing the coach. He could at least get the players needed. And YES, now is the time to sacrifice the future while we have our star players in their best years. They’re only a number 1 centre and a scoring winger away from a cup.

    Giovanni Amato February 3, 2016 at 8:32 am Reply
  3. The season was lost the minute Price went down…..for the season. There’s no sense in trading for big names when your best player is done for the season. It sucks but that is the reality. At this point don’t let the season be a total bust, get something from it. Lose as much as you can and get a good draft pick. It doesn’t have to be Auston Matthews, anywhere from 26 – 30th will be fine.

    mt February 3, 2016 at 6:02 pm Reply
  4. I think if the fans boycott 3 or 4 games at home in a row until MT is fired it would send a strong message that we have had enough of the BS!!!

    Mark hernandez February 3, 2016 at 6:05 pm Reply
  5. I think if the fans boycott 3 or 4 games at home in a row until MT is fired it would send a strong message that we have had enough of the BS!!!

    Mark hernandez February 3, 2016 at 6:05 pm Reply

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