The Possibility of Facing the Leafs, Bring it on!

Photo: Fred Lum, The Globe and Mail

Photo: Fred Lum, The Globe and Mail

How many Habs fans are looking forward to playing Toronto for the playoffs? I know I am! Both teams have amazing histories in their Stanley Cup runs. Montreal last won the Holy Grail in 1993 and this is the longest the club has ever gone between cup wins. 24 Stanley Cup Banners hang proudly from the rafters at the Bell Centre, those alone tell the amazing history of the Montreal Canadiens.

Toronto, on the other hand, last won the cup back in 1967 and Leaf fans have been dying to see their team win it again, as many of us were not around the last time Toronto won the cup. Toronto has the second most cup wins, raising it up high 13 times, which I am sure is a sore spot for most Leaf fans.

The Canadiens–Maple Leafs rivalry is the oldest in the National Hockey League. From 1944–78, the two teams met each other in the playoffs 15 times, and have played each other in five Stanley Cup Finals. The Leafs-Habs rivalry is one of the best rivalries in hockey. Both teams have fans across Canada and the world; there are not many people who do not know about these two teams.

When it comes to winning Lord Stanley, everyone is aware that Montreal is the “better” team in that category. There is nothing better than ending smack talk with a Leaf fan than mentioning the cup rings. What could you possibly say to it? That we are living in the past? Doesn’t change the facts.

It has been 34 years since these teams have met up in the playoffs. Is the rivalry still as strong as it was back then? Some will say no because of Toronto’s failure to make the playoffs for multiple years but it is definitely still present. Walk around a majority of Ontario’s cities and towns sporting a Habs jersey and the smack talk starts. I would think in Montreal if you sported Leaf gear the Habs fans are just as brutal with the chirps.

Photo: Claus Andersen, Getty Images

Photo: Claus Andersen, Getty Images

I personally am hoping we do meet up in the playoffs so we can once again beat the Leafs and just add more ammunition to the artillery. Yes, Toronto has beaten the Canadiens this season a few times, but that was regular season games. That is over now. We all know how great Montreal has been in the past when it comes to the playoffs, we wouldn’t have 24 Cups if we didn’t turn it on at the right time!

I know the losses have been frustrating due to a number of reasons, but when the Canadiens play like they have when they did beat the Leafs this season, they have been absolutely dominant and have not fallen into the goonery set out by the opponent.

I have full confidence that the Habs can win a 7-game series against Toronto. This is the match up fans from both sides have been waiting a very long time for and we know it is going to be well worth the wait!

I can already hear the chants of “Leafs suck” echoing through the Bell Centre and the roar of the Habs fans as they come to the ACC to taunt the Leaf fans and their team. Hands down, this is going to be a great series if Montreal does match up against them and right now, that is a high possibility.

Fly your Habs flags, proudly wear your jerseys and cheer loud and proud because this is our chance to once again prove to Toronto that Montreal is the embodiment of hockey and Toronto will always be on the outside looking in, wishing they could be just like those Habs!

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