The Captain is Heating Up; Should the Habs Trade Him?

(Nick Wass, Associated Press)

As the February trade deadline nears, the rumors begin to appear. Now, of course Montreal’s captain Max Pacioretty’s name is at the front of the line. He was in a horrible dry spell for a huge portion of the opening months of the season, however, he has hit stride as of late. Trading your captain away is a big deal, this is the person who is your leader on and off the ice that was selected by teammates and staff. That’s a big hit to the team and the confidence in the locker room. If the Habs are considering trading away Max, what would they want in return?

Let’s look deeper… Max is a potential 40-goal scorer any given season and has lacked chemistry with his teammates for most of the 2017-18 campaign. Is it his fault? I wouldn’t say so. He doesn’t have much chemistry with any of the current players on the roster after Marc Bergevin has either dealt away players or did not re-sign those that Pacioretty clicked most with. Therefore, the Canadiens would be giving up on a top producer because management couldn’t find a set up man since the departure of Alexander Radulov. It would be ideal to find a complimentary player for Pacioretty to give him that boost, but at what cost?

Now if Montreal went the trade route, who would you single out? First name that pops up, John Tavares. I’d try to make a deal and go captain for captain with the New York Islanders. With John Tavares not making any head way so far on contract talks with Garth Snow after 8 and a half seasons, and the Isles not wanting to get nothing on return for him come July 1st; maybe a new scenery for both players would benefit each team. I’m sure the Habs would have to add a few other pieces in the mix but it would be worth it. Tavares could fit in just perfectly while centering a line with Drouin and/or Galchenyuk. We might have something positive there. Furthermore, Pacioretty has a cap friendly hit of $4.5 million per year while Tavares hits at $5.5 million and is due for a new contract. The Canadiens have the cap room to explore trading for the captain of the Islanders and re-signing him.

In the event that this occurs, the Islanders would get a solid forward with a 40-goal upside and who is inhumanly quick at healing from injury. On the other side, Montreal would get the first line center that they have desperately needed for many years.



Our only hope as fans is that Marc Bergevin does something to better the team as soon as possible and fills the holes that have been ever so glaring for multiple seasons. Geoff Molson has put his confidence in Bergevin, whether that is the right decision or not, that is who we are running with.


So, pick up the phone Marc…


And as always,

Go Habs Go

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2 Responses to The Captain is Heating Up; Should the Habs Trade Him?

  1. Tavares will never play in Montreal…taxes are the big killer and the management group he will not be happy with…lets face it, would you go to an organization that has traded some of its best players already…can’t develop players and only cares about profits….plus Pacs for Tavares means Montreal will have to throw alot more into the trade…as this will never be a one for one…

    Bay_Bye January 21, 2018 at 5:41 pm Reply
  2. I respect your opinion but please will everybody stop with the Tavares to Montreal speculation. Its not that I wouldn’t love to see him in Montreal, I would just like everyone else. But why would Tavares leave NYI who have good young talent for a basket case like Montreal? Habs have a very weak farm team with few prospects in Junior or USA college to get excited about and except for Price and Weber (getting older) they have nobody.
    Accept reality trade away a few pieces and get on with the rebuild. Johnny T is not coming here. He most likely stays but if he moves it will be to California or at least a west coast team.

    Dave J February 5, 2018 at 12:26 am Reply

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