Taken Back From Toronto: Tomas Plekanec Returns To Canadiens

Some people get sports cars, others get piercings or tattoos.  Tomas Plekanec’s awkward phase was shaving his goatee and wearing a Maple Leafs jersey.


That is now officially over.


The endeavor was worthwhile.  The Montreal Canadiens ended up with one of their many second round picks and a couple depth pieces, most notably Kerby Rychel after Marc Bergevin had expressed interest in him years before.  Not only did this team get a win out of it but Tomas got a win out of it as he got to keep playing hockey for a couple more weeks beyond when the Canadiens’ season ended.  The biggest win in all of this clearly had to belong to the Toronto Maple Leafs, though: their superstar center –sworn as being better than Connor McDavid by the delusionals across Leafland– who they rest all their hopes and dreams upon through their rebuild was outclassed and outperformed through the playoffs by a now depth player from the Montreal Canadiens.  Leafs brass and fans have to be feeling just spectacular knowing that Montreal’s cast offs are still better than their best.


Plekanec will likely play his 1000th NHL game on October 6th against the Pittsburgh Penguins; a milestone that was intentionally avoided as a possibility with any other team when he was dealt at the deadline in hitting the millennium mark.  He will do so on a one year deal for up to $3,000,000 including all possible bonuses, leaving open the window to possibly head to the playoffs once again at the deadline in the likely event that the Montreal Canadiens themselves won’t be.


More Plekanec, more milestones, more assets to be flipped for, one more (at least) chance for him to win the Stanley Cup.


From all of us at All About The Habs: welcome back, Tomas.  Our arms are wide open.

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One Response to Taken Back From Toronto: Tomas Plekanec Returns To Canadiens

  1. i expected this now 2 games to 1000…good move to aloow him to get to game 1000 in Montreal..too bad they screwed Markov of his 1000 game

    Bay_Bye July 1, 2018 at 12:51 pm Reply

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