Should Marc Bergevin be Fired?

It’s safe to say that the honeymoon phase between the fans and Bergevin is over. This remarkably awful season has raised questions regarding whether Bergevin is still the right man for the job. My answer? It depends.

Scenario #1: When Price got injured, Bergevin gave up on competing this season and decided to tank. This would explain giving Therrien immunity and not acquiring a top 6 forward or a better backup goalie via trade.

This scenario seems a bit far-fetched but it’s the only way that I could be pleased with Bergevin’s decisions. Nobody can deny that if this were to be true, it would explain a lot of bizarre decisions (no meaningful trades and giving Therrien immunity) as the intention was to lose.

I genuinely believe that it’s impossible that Bergevin was satisfied with the way Therrien handled the roster this season if the goal was winning. I also find it highly unlikely that while Bergevin was doing absolutely nothing to stop the collapse, Molson would continue to have his back. All seemingly stupid decisions make sense if this scenario were to be true.

Once again, I doubt this happened. If it actually did, good on you Marc. You fooled everyone.

Scenario #2: When Price got injured, Bergevin tried to keep the Habs as competitive as possible but didn’t pull the trigger on any trade to acquire a top 6 forward or a better goalie. He also decided that Michel Therrien was still our best bet behind the bench.

This is the more likely scenario because nobody thought the Habs would be this bad without Price. When Price went down, most fans still assumed this team would be good enough to make the playoffs after our hot start and that they would have a healthy Price with fresh legs to lead us to the cup. When the Habs breakdown began, it wouldn’t have made sense at the time to tank. You have to assume that they were trying to win during the time when Bergevin made no moves and didn’t fire Therrien. Deciding to tank that fast would be worrying, as it would show that Bergevin had zero confidence in his team beyond Price.

I strongly believe that this is the scenario that occurred. If it turns out to be the case, I’m all for firing Bergevin. Not firing Therrien after his abysmal performance this season is a fireable offense in and of itself, not to mention not being able to acquire a top 6 forward or a better goalie, which the Habs desperately needed.

The Ruling

The only reason I’m waiting to hop on the fire Bergevin train is because the first scenario has a chance of being true. The only way that Bergevin can redeem himself is if he has a meaningful and busy offseason. He has to fire Therrien and acquire at least one top 6 forward. Unless both of those tasks are completed, I want him fired.

The Habs can’t afford to waste more time. With expiring bargain contracts on Price, Pacioretty, Gallagher, Beaulieu and Galchenyuk, our window to win a cup is slowly closing. If Bergevin fails to fire Therrien or acquire a scoring forward, he isn’t giving the Habs the resources that we need to win the cup. It’s as simple as that.

Fire Therrien. Get a top 6 forward. This is your last chance.

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7 Responses to Should Marc Bergevin be Fired?

  1. They should fired Bergevin , because he traded the good players .

    Virginia March 1, 2016 at 7:56 pm Reply
  2. @HabsNewsAndTalk @AATHabs wow you hit the nail on the head …..all we can look forward to is the draft ….still feel we didn’t give dps a chance to grow seeing his emotions on being traded feels like we missed out on his very best

    matt March 1, 2016 at 8:09 pm Reply
    • Who’s dps?

      Peter March 2, 2017 at 7:34 am Reply
  3. Great job Noah on elucidating the two possible scenarios leading to the Habs failure this season to date.
    Regarding the first Scenario:
    Price’s 2nd injury is the probable time at which Scenario 1 becomes plausible. To justify MB’s apparent inaction, as you explain, MB would have had to have first obtained GM’s authorization. Also MB would have had to have garnered the silence of both CP and especially, KP. The latter was still tweeting at bout the coming baby(Congratualtions to the Price’s, BTW), and also about fashion. You think she wouldn’t have been knowledgeable about the med status of CP? However, It is also very likely that she exercised good judgement in remaining silent on that matter.
    Of course, if Scenario 1 is true, the Habs were being very dishonest with their fans. Maybe not as much with the season ticket holders, but with the monthly ticket buyers who purchase tickets offered for sale by the team, before the upcoming month. In this case GM should offer some financial recourse to those buyers, at the very least, and issue an apology to all fans. Granted purchasers of season ticket & other packages as well as of single game ticket acquired prior to Price’s second injury may have a difficult time alleging any misbehaviour on the part of the team because injuries are part of the game. However, LTI should require full disclosure. Players salaries are covered by insurance acquired at the option of the team. Fans purchase tickets on the good faith of team management & ownership, and have no recourse to a refund or credit, or even to benefit from any insurance paid for salary incurred by a covered player who becomes injured. I would think the Habs would be open to a class action suit if CP’s LTI status was known, and wilfully withheld from the public for the purpose of maintaining ticket sales (covert), or as alleged, the potential risk to a rival team player inflicting further damage to CP at the trauma location, on his return.
    Thus if you offer MB congratulations for fooling the fans, you would be encouraging the team to keep on cheating the fans. Also MB would deserve being fired for even devising and following through on such an option.

    I do not believe the Habs are so foolish, underhanded, or profit motivated to have put into action Scenario 1, had it even occurred to them.

    Regarding the 2nd Scenario:
    I believe the personnel moves & and non moves indicate a lack of a solid plan, or the ability to anticipate & adjust the plan appropriately as necessary. The team’s inability to address its player positional shortcomings, in game strategy, player utilization, and communications and relations with the media and the public, are a direct reflection on MB and his entire ice hockey personnel. Indeed, it points to both a lack of high level leadership & a high degree of incompetence on the part of MB and his entire staff, with a few exceptions.

    As owner, it would me up to Geoff Molson to fire his GM, MB and any other persons in his employ.

    Failing that, it would be up to the fans to purchase or not the teams tickets, souvenirs & apparel as a demonstrable action of protestation. I am sure,at the very least, the latter action would draw the attention of advertisers and sponsors of the team.


    FernyMac March 1, 2016 at 10:42 pm Reply
    • I agree with you.should have been done long ago.molson,wake up. nice move trading pk

      steve June 29, 2016 at 4:13 pm Reply
  4. I say fire both, no more looking back . We get a new G M. Then we get a new coach, when I say new, not someone who has been there before. We may have been cursed with injuries, but I would say they are hung out to dry all season. I don’t know what happened. But that is not my job. That is the management

    Danny OReilly March 16, 2016 at 5:59 am Reply
  5. you need to look at where this team was in 2014 and where they are now and why.
    barring an injury to price in 2014 (thank you kreider) they likely make it to the finals. now where are they? they could have had Drouin for much less at last year’s trade deadline. they can’t sign Radulov. Trade Sergechev for drouin (huge bust). they can’t buy a goal and the only thing keeping them in a game is their goalie. there are more examples of bad trades and poor drafting but when a team goes from a cup contender to a basement dweller in 3 years something is wrong with how the team has been built. of course he should be fired. And for some reason they have decided to do the equivalent of throwing good money after bad – allowing the poor GM to try to dig himself out of a hole. he needed to go last year. this year provides further evidence.

    lionsnake January 2, 2018 at 9:54 am Reply

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