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Legend, icon, one of The Big 3, Stanley Cup champion, dynasty player, Pointu. These are titles, all by which Canadiens alumnus Guy Lapointe, set to have his jersey retired amongst fellow greats on November 8th, is known to all. In spite of all of the historic memories and attachments, to a special individual that is responsible in no small part for history being made on November 8th, “To me he’s just my dad, you know…”


Stephanie Lapointe, daughter of Guy Lapointe, started a petition to have her dad’s jersey retired by the Canadiens; a petition that would ultimately result not only in thousands of signatures in favor but ultimately in achieving exactly what she set out for. Clearly a driven and ambitious young lady, she has enthusiastically agreed to share her insight, her story and the memories attached to them as she witnessed the entire legacy of #5 both on and off the ice.


Stephanie, first of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. How did you hear the news that your dad’s jersey would be retired and considering the role that you played in this coming to fruition, can you describe how you felt upon hearing that this day will finally arrive?


SL: “I got a phone call from my husband saying my father was trying to get in touch with me (I was at work). I called quickly and heard the good news! I was immediately speechless… I got all emotional and I thought oh my God is this really happening! My dad was emotional too… Not much was said on that call… (laughs)”


What was the most prevalent factor in your dad’s game and his contributions to the Canadiens that convinced you to start the movement to have his jersey retired?


SL: “I think the statistics don’t lie… His passion for the game and let’s not forget he was part of the Big Three… Time for them to be reunited.”


Have any of your dad’s old teammates contacted either you or your dad to say congratulations yet?


SL: “The calls are probably pouring in on his side… It’s his moment. I expect to see the old teammates on the actual day.”


In the years you spent watching your dad play, what would you consider to be your favorite memory?


SL: “I remember going to practice with him and going on the ice with the other players. My older brother and I would run around the forum and play. We got in trouble a few times.”


Is it safe to say that moment might soon be equaled when you see your dad once again in front of the fans?


SL: “I don’t think anything can prepare me for that night. I said I would try not to cry but I don’t think it’s going to happen! I can’t express how proud I am of my dad.”


Think back to some of your earliest memories in the old Forum watching your dad play and now fast forward to November 8th in the Bell Centre. What has this journey been like for you and what would a little you from the Forum years say if you were to be told that you would be where you are now, counting down the days until the name Lapointe goes up to the rafters?


SL: “I was quite young when he was playing, but I do have vivid memories of him coaching and scouting… I see how much he is loved and still appreciated after all these years by the fans. In my eyes it’s a perfect way to end his career. I have always looked up to my father for his ethics and winning attitude. If anything, this has taught me to never give up – Dreams really do come true!”


Fill in the blank: this was all made possible by…


SL: “My dad and his passion for the game of hockey.”


Is there anything else you would like to share with the fans?


SL: “I just want to thank everyone who supported this and are happy to finally see his number go up in the rafters where it belongs!”


Stephanie, thank you again for talking to us and on behalf of everyone at All About The Habs, we wish you the best and hope that you have a wonderful time on the special day.  May it be everything you have dreamed of and more for both you and your dad.


SL: “Thank you so much for your support and wishes!”


For the Lapointe family and All About The Habs,

@RavenMontreal & @HabsIcon

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