PK Subban: Putting in Work

If you were to win Lotto 649 tonight at an estimated $72 million dollars, what would you do? A new Bugatti sure would look nice as you rolled into work only to quit your job. How about taking your lover on that long overdue romantic getaway to Fiji? Or what about finally purchasing that lake house up north in Muskoka Woods? How about purchasing a membership at Laylor Performance Systems? Yeah sure, getting a gym membership is the first thing to think about when you win the lottery; heck it’s not even a thought for New Year’s resolutions! Undoubtedly, only a certain type of animal would go to the gym after inheriting that type of coin. PK Subban is that beast.

PK doing some farmer walks this summer- Photo: Laylor Perfomance Systems

PK doing some farmer walks this summer- Photo: Laylor Perfomance Systems

Six years ago as a Belleville Bull, PK Subban was referred to Clance Laylor through the grapevine when PK was walking around with 20% body fat. As of September 2nd 2014, Subban weighed in at 216 pounds with 9.8% body fat. Just let that sink in for a second. All that PK eats for the most part is red meat (steak), veggies and starches, sometimes three times a day. #76 is a freak.

Annually PK spends the greater part of his summers in his hometown of Rexdale, Ontario where he then hibernates in the LPS gym. The Habs’ stud rearguard is the greatest athlete Laylor has ever had the privilege of training. A Norris Trophy winner knows what it takes to be successful in today’s NHL. The bulk of a full 82-game regular season takes a toll on the body, but then comes the playoff grind where the speed, intensity and physicality of the game all double in volume; it truly is where only the strong survive. With 14 points in 17 games, PK lead the Canadiens offensively throughout the playoffs. Subban literally took the team on his back in the Boston series, and marched them through to the third round. His strength was evident in the war of that gruelling 7-game series.

The will to win is something you cannot teach, nor practice in a gym – you either have it or you don’t. PK Subban has that will; in every facet of the word. He laid it all on the line last spring which is also the reason why the “C” should be sewn on his sweater. In my opinion, PK isn’t in the gym to make sure he repeats the success of last season, not in the slightest. I believe PK Subban is pushing himself harder than ever this offseason so that he absolutely destroys the successes of last season. I honestly see PK’s name on yet another Norris Trophy, with a sparkling 70-plus points to his name. Guaranteed, this year’s’ PK Subban is going to prove that $9 million per year is a sale price. …. Did any of you see Erik Karlsson bench press 305lbs this offseason? No. Let me just feast you with a quote from the future Habs’ Captain:

… what separates players now is the work they put into the offseason.. – PK Subban

Here are just a few of his workouts, plus some podcasts on his training:
1) Subban cleans 110kg (242lbs)
2) Subban’s Workout – Coach Clance Laylor 
3) Subban push press 105kg (232lbs)
4) PK & Malcolm – Success Story at LPS


Let the season begin.

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