PK Paid: Contract Of A Lifetime

Take a moment to remember yesterday when P.K. did not get his requested $8,500,000 and the reminder that he could have been locked up for considerably less.  It appears that a mere 24 hours or so drove up the cost by $500,000 already.  In this case, it is a damn good thing that he got paid when he did.


“If you listen to the fans, you will soon find yourself sitting with them.”


This is one hell of a golden exception.  It seems as though Molson budged and allowed Bergevin to fork up the cash, Bergevin opting against going for the steal of the century in order to do the right thing and sign Norris Trophy winner and Olympic gold medalist Pernell Karl Subban to an eight year deal worth $72,000,000 with the annual pay average of $9,000,000 per season.


Is P.K. Subban worth $9,000,000 a year? Did he earn it? You’re damn right he is and you’re damn right he did.


The treatment that P.K. has received on and off the ice in many regards has been despicable from various parties.  He has had water squirted at him, derogatory comments directed towards him, been benched in critical moments in which he could have won his team any given game, been shorted on pay with ridiculous but highly affordable bridge contracts, been relegated to playing only one game in the Olympics because his coach insisted on playing a definitively more boring style but results at said juncture will not be argued with.  Regardless, Subban has suffered, toiled and anguished through all of this and much, much more and today is his day.


He got to have this day because he deserves it.  In his bridge contract term, he was asked to step up to the plate and he went from being a budding superstar to a full fledged legend in his own time.  His production speaks for itself when between the regular season and post-season he can be the most consistently productive player on this team and the player (alongside perhaps Carey Price) most responsible for this team’s success; with or without Price, there is not a chance in this realm that this team would have eliminated the Boston Bruins in these past playoffs.


Amongst his accomplishments comes the fact that P.K. is far from being a selfish player.  On March 15th, after being down 4-1 against the Ottawa Senators with 3:22 remaining in the third period and the beginning half the rally resulting in a 4-3 score, P.K. had the puck on his tape with 3 seconds to go.  Without hesitation, it is an all but guarantee that if anyone else had that puck, they would have taken the shot themselves and that is due in part to being unable to deal with such clutch scenarios and also partly due to not having the vision that P.K. has.  If P.K. was any kind of normal player, he would have taken it himself and because he is not a normal player, he could have justified taking it as he would have had the best standalone chance to score.  Instead, unselfishly, being the spectacular player that he is, he gave it to David Desharnais, sent the Ottawa Senators and Robin Lehner sprawling as Desharnais scored off his pass with 0.3 seconds remaining en route to a 5-4 overtime victory.


That is merely one of P.K.’s accomplishments with answering the bell in order to prove his worth.  How about scoring the double overtime bomb against the Boston Bruins in game one of their series? Any opening game is pivotal in any given series and the numbers show how often the winner of the first game wins the series.  Things like this just come naturally to a young man who should just change his name to Player Klutch.  He brings anything and everything else that another elite defenceman does anywhere else around the league and does it all with flash, flare and a vibe of sheer personality.


This is the kind of player that would have been a picture perfect fit with the dynasty of days gone by.  The reason that everyone still remembers the teams from those years is because they remember the names, they remember the faces and they remember exactly what it was that they were capable of.  They key to continuing the dynasty was knowing that they had Guy Lafleur and that he had hands like no other and that he made his unparalleled skating abilities seem completely effortless with pure grace and style; the same could be said knowing that Bob Gainey was on those teams and that no forward throughout the annals of history had the prowess that he had in all three zones or that the same could be said of Larry Robinson on the defensive end of the team’s spectrum or that Ken Dryden could go over ten minutes without facing a single shot against because his team in front of him was the best ever to be assembled and that when he did eventually face one, he could make a save so spectacular that saves like them are still not seen to this day.


These are the kind of players that people remember because they lead the kind of teams that win Stanley Cups.  In any hope that the days of the dynasty will  return, this is a necessary contract to be signed.  P.K. is the kind of player and leader that will be at the charge of the helm for the long term future and it is a future that he must be included in if this team has any hopes for immediate or future success.  Players like P.K. Subban do not just come down the pike and mosey into town.  P.K. is the kind of player that got drafted in the second round and now no one knows how he did not go first overall in his respective year.  He was made for success and the day that he lifts Lord Stanley’s sterling silver mug in Montreal, it will be the single greatest middle finger of all time and it will be directed towards every single critic of this great player and this great team as the dynasty sees its next chapter written by the pen in the hand of P.K. Subban thanks to the pen in the hand of those that signed his contract today.


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  1. HABS Fan since I was a little Girl I Love SUBBAN

    Terri Stover August 2, 2014 at 6:30 pm Reply

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