Paying The Price: Carey Price Remains With Canadiens Following 8 Year Extension

“There’s no better place to play hockey.  I’d be proud to wear a Canadiens jersey until the end of my career.” – Carey Price, hot off signing a hefty contract extension.


Photo Courtesy: “Bats Naslund” Steven Irwin, SNI Memorabilia.


That is not a gust of wind going through the city of Montreal today… it is merely the collective sigh of Canadiens fans from all over, converging in and across the landscape as a few more lines have been drawn, a few more questions have answers and a couple new questions arise but there is an ultimate sense of certainty in the foundation.


However, it comes with a heavy price tag.  $10,500,000 over 8 seasons for a grand total of $84,000,000.  It leaves question as to whether Carey Price would be considered “selfish” or “greedy” by the same individuals that thought such of P.K. Subban even though he was making substantially less than Carey Price soon will be.  Does Price perhaps intend on donating a hefty sum to a cause close to his heart?


Carey Price is officially the highest paid Montreal Canadien in franchise history and his contract equals that of other NHL franchise talents, albeit younger ones, in Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane.  The market commands such a cost for a top flight goaltender and the truth in the numbers is that the cap hit itself likely would have been higher if he had taken a shorter term deal.


“I really hope we can find a way to put them back in the lineup for us. … I’d hate to see them go.” – Price on Radulov & Markov in the midst of ongoing negotiations.


Again, the hit could possibly have been higher but Carey did not exactly do this team the most whopping of favors in the salary cap department.  $10,500,000 a year is a lot for a goalie when 40% of the team’s salary cap is being spent on defensive players; that math should be telling of all that needs to be known or said from management’s standpoint.  If the faith in Carey can be had to pay him this contract as the best goalie in the world, can they not afford to modernize their philosophy and inherent approach to the structure of their team and cap situation? Before the thought of “defence wins championships” comes into play, please observe the Pittsburgh Penguins the last two seasons… their defensive unit consisted of about two quality players.  The rest of the Penguins team is frontloaded while Marc-Andre Fleury managed to put up numerous games of 40+ saves; why should Carey Price not be trusted to do the same thing? Such a contract indicates that he could or should be.


“We just kind of banged one out.” – Carey on getting the contract done with one of his most typical responses ever.


Carey Price’s deal is not necessarily a problem.  One would not be wise to suggest that it creates more problems than it solves but this is the work of a general manager with his back to the wall and succumbing to an impending market demand that he has attempted to shirk elsewhere.  After all, what could be assumed of Marc Bergevin’s future in the event of failing to extend Carey Price? Imagining such a scenario always seems to end with Geoff Molson calling in Arnold Schwarzenegger to tell Marc Bergevin “Prepare for termination.”


“I thought it would be too weird, I guess.” – On thought of putting on a different jersey.


What this term does imply is that this team cannot rebuild.  This organization and Carey Price are in this to the bitter end and there is a collective prayer that it does not turn out as any such a thing even close to bitter.  What would happen some number of years into a contract like this in the event of not managing to win a Stanley Cup? Players come, players go, Carey ages on and his value inherently drops automatically in that time.  Simple equation.


As ever in Montreal, winning must be done and there will be no accepted alternative.


All that remains is for Team Canada Carey Price to show up in the playoffs for this team.  Yes, the team in front of him is full of elite players but the level of the opposition increases by the same relativity.  .930-something save percentage is real nice but with so much of the team’s cap and structure going to such defensively oriented players, that .970-something Team Canada save percentage looks that much nicer and would certainly help Carey cement himself as the best in the league as opposed to being outperformed by Henrik Lundqvist through just one round, all other statistics and factors aside.


“There’s no better place to play hockey.  I’d be proud to wear a Canadiens jersey until the end of my career.”


Photo Courtesy: “Bats Naslund” Steven Irwin, SNI Memorabilia.


Most magic words really are of the simplest variety.


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One Response to Paying The Price: Carey Price Remains With Canadiens Following 8 Year Extension

  1. Carey got the contract he deserves but Bergevin is not giving him the team to win with. In the past year he has moved,except for Petry, all the PMD on the team.Out went PK,Beaulieu and Sergechev. He replaced them with defensive defensemen, this is nice if you plan on building a wall but not good use of resources.Dump and chase was an idea used in the 90’s early 2000’s but is not effective have to dump the puck off the glass and chase it.So you spend the whole game chasing the puck.I think Montreal has their 1C in Chucky. he just needs his confidence back as Therrien destroyed him and Beaulieu. we need Chucky signed, Markov back and possible Rads but on a 4 year deal. I said when Rads signed with Montreal he was only using them to get his foot in the door, i hope I am not right…oh well will make for an interesting year and a higher 1st round pick

    bay bye July 3, 2017 at 6:11 am Reply

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