Open Letter to Geoff Molson

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Dear Mr. owner of the Canadiens sir, perhaps you remember me? I wrote to you once before, at another time of utter disgust with your team. It was 23 months ago when I wrote that letter to you, and I’m almost tempted to resend it to you, but since it’s a new season with new problems, I will give you a whole new collaboration of words for your eyes to read. However, I am not sure what else I can say to you. Your team has won a mere 5 games in the last 25, with no loser points to add to those numbers. So, if you divide 5 by 25, that equals .20%. The Habs, Mr. Molson are winning only 20% of their games. In the words of Brian Burke: “It was like an 18-wheeler going off a cliff”.

Geoff,  I am once again convinced that you do not care one sliver about your club. Your team has sold out home games since 2004, regardless of winning or losing. You are the proud owner of the ultimate pyramid system. You clearly only care about the dollars rolling in. The exact same issues I stressed in my previous letter to yourself, are the same issues that have gone unattended to this day. Your club still cannot score goals. And I mean, it’s not without trying; Thomas Vanek, P.A. Parenteau, Brian Flynn, Torrey Mitchell, Alex Semin, Zack Kassian and Jiri Sekac were all valiant efforts, but none have worked. But hey, I have a great idea, you have a huge bank account, why don’t you stop paying for knock-off brands and just pay for brand name quality?

And have you even payed attention to the events that have unfolded this season with your team? How the actual PUCK did Galchenyuk feel the need to apologize for getting abused? And then your beloved coach/friend Michel Therrien says to the media: “He’ll learn”. There isn’t an ample amount of cuss words for my mouth to spew out on this subject. What Therrien said is borderline workplace harassment. This is the NHL, which means this is a professional league and my goodness this story is absolute Busch League. I feel embarrassed to be a fan of your club Mr. Molson, this was handled with the IQ of kindergarteners.

Now we come to events of the most recent transaction involving John Scott and Jarred Tinordi. After a reporter asked the Habs GM what the point was to keep Tinordi on roster as the 7th defenseman, Bergevin said after that Tinordi would play and challenge to be a regular on the Habs’ blueline. What a complete lie. I’m sorry but there is no legitimate evidence to even begin to suggest that Alexei Emelin or Tom Gilbert deserved to play over Jarred Tinordi based on skill alone. If you were going to trade him all along, why the hell didn’t you try to get something valuable in return? I didn’t know the circus came to town in the dead of winter. And shame on you Geoff for crushing the dreams of John Scott while showing what a joke the NHL is. You cannot implement a fan-vote and then not honor it. Heck you owe Zemgus Girgensons a huge apology for allowing him to play but yet not allowing John Scott to play. That is the lowest thing I have ever seen a professional organization ever do. However, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the clowns Bettman and Daly are still in charge of the NHL. This is an absolute mess, not just one spill, it’s a clean up on aisle infinity.

Photo: Jean-Yves Ahern, USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Jean-Yves Ahern, USA TODAY Sports

Now let’s go back to the Habs’ current abysmal run they’re on for a brief second. FIRE MICHEL THERRIEN. How the hell can you justify employing this arrogant prick who believes David Desharnais is better than Alex Galchenyuk? This is a disaster head coach. There has never been a worse coach in the history of hockey. Ever heard of a coach killer? Michel Therrien is a PLAYER-KILLER. There are motto-boards in the dressing room that literally read: “no excuses”, but Therrien consistently feeds the media with excuses at every media scrum. Do the Habs really miss Carey Price? Sure they do, he’s the best goalie in the world. But Mike Condon has been playing lights out over the past 7 games. The return of Carey Price is not going to magically produce more goals. There is a huge hole in the Canadiens’ line up and it’s been empty since Montreal traded away their last 50-goal scorer John LeClair to the Flyers on February 9, 1995. THATS OVER 20 YEARS AND 11 MONTHS AGO. Look, Pacioretty is a great goal scorer, but as long as David Desharnais or Tomas Plekanec is his centreman instead of Alex Galchenyuk, he will never score 50 goals. Michel Therrien does not like scoring goals, and it’s more than obvious. He doesn’t even grin, move or cheer when his team scores. Therrien is ALWAYS satisfied with his team when they get lots of shots even if Corey Crawford, Marc-Andre Fleury, and others only allow one goal. It’s disgusting. Max Pacioretty commented on Joel Quenneville’s ability to know what he has in his players and how to place them in his line up. Something Michel Therrien has never been able to fathom.

How much longer will you allow this garbage to continue? How much longer will you force your fans to celebrate mediocrity? Your Habs are a disgrace to the CH on the crest. Stop kicking that dead horse. Fire that awful excuse for a coach and smack Bergevin in the head to smarten him up. Stop wasting time on Subban and Price, they won’t be young forever. Grow a pair.

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10 Responses to Open Letter to Geoff Molson

  1. Thank you. I especially feel bad for John Scott, who, while he had nothing to do with being picked for the ASG, was looking forward to it, and since he and his family are expecting new arrivals, could have used the money. Now he’s forced to move his family from Arizona to freaking St. John’s Newfoundland. I feel for his wife and kids, who got punished by the NHL, Coyotes and the Habs for the stupidity of other people.

    I can’t imagine anyone in the Habs FO cares, but I’m glad you made the effort.

    Janet Aldrich January 17, 2016 at 2:57 pm Reply
  2. I have had a similar feeling about the Habs for the past few years.I grew up as a Habs fan and now see that they are living on their past to fill the stadium. They are placing a product on the ice that at times can be considered barely passable and enough to make fans think at times they may win and do something in the playoffs.But the truth is they will do the same thing over and over, give hope and then having the fire extinguished at the end.
    The media does not help in Montreal with the over analyzing of every aspect of a players life and the over criticizing over their play, why play in Montreal and have those things invade your life rather than playing elsewhere like San Jose or Florida where people may or may not care about how you played last night and you have nice weather.Maybe the Habs have has a stranglehold of fans in Quebec because they are the only team here,I understand people can cheer for other teams while living here but some people want the “French Connection”. I have considered cheering for a new team since it seems they don’t care here, and it is not about winning a cup for me as a fan its seeing a team compete for it and not be given a facade.

    Eric January 17, 2016 at 3:54 pm Reply
  3. You’re so right on most of your points. The only thing I would disagree on is that Condon has been playing lights out. He has been spectacular at times but just manages to let in a soft one here and there which the Habs are seemingly unable to recover from.

    Ray January 17, 2016 at 4:39 pm Reply
  4. half hr ago, I left a shame on you message on Geoff Molson’s twitter account. Nice to see I’m not the only one disgusted with the handling of this franchise. Nice article.

    keith January 17, 2016 at 7:35 pm Reply
  5. Well,said except for the fact Condon hasn’t been lights out , bug he has been more than adequate and has given this team a chance to win.

    Scott January 17, 2016 at 8:59 pm Reply
  6. What a mess! I think it’s just about time for a jersey toss at the bell center. O no fans are not allowed to show there disgust over this mess. Mr. Molson sell the team I’m sure you can buy another one please

    rick January 21, 2016 at 2:48 pm Reply
  7. I mean really seriously ? You yes you Geoff Molson are to blame for the state our beloved habs are in because you are more worried about having a French speaking coach and GM apparently than you are about actually helping the team. You can see there are issues that need to be addressed both on the ice and off the ice but still you do nothing. Maybe it’s you have given up on the team, maybe you have lose interest in the team and don’t see it at your responsibility to make sure that your team is a viable team. Why do you allow Marc to sit and do nothing to improve the team
    And tonight was a perfect example against the Flyers a 5 mins power play and the flyers had more chances than we did. This perfectly illustrates the glaring issues of our team. The sloppy defense the underperforming vets and star players. You have a responsibility to the fans and the players to make this team the best team you can to content for the cup. It’s our tickets and merchandise purchases and our love of the team that keeps us buying these things and paying for your team in part. Are we not entitled to be paying for a team worth watching are we not supposed to be watching a team that is worth our time and money? You have failed to live hold up your end Mr.Molson.

    Peter Sheppard February 2, 2016 at 9:58 pm Reply
  8. I have been a habs fan for over 40 years and I have never seen a Team in
    such disaccord and the reason for this is lack of direction, and this Mr.Molson comes from the top which is from you and Mr. Bergevin. What has changed over the last few years—NOTHING. I have not watched 1 full Canadiens game this year. Product is unexciting and boring. What Mr. Molson has changed? You hired a GM who to me cannot make the big trade and is good at bringing in 3 and 4th liners who we have plenty of.

    You have a super star in the making in Galchenyuk and is being Stymied by your coach Mr. Therien. Why does Galchenyuk get less ice time than Desharnais???

    We had a chance to get a good coach but chose Therrien instead because of language.

    This year you chose the wrong captain in Pacherreti when PK should have been
    a player that brings one to his feet .

    It would seem that your organization would prefer boring altar boys as players when we want players who bring us to our feet.

    There are exceptional free agents this summer hopefully we will pick up one of them.

    Mr. Molson it is time for you to take control of this team and not Bergevin who has not proved he can handle direction of this team. You missed out on Mr. McGuire because you let certain political things cloud your judgement.

    Hopefully you will turn things around , it is not getting any better.

    Ken Crawford March 16, 2016 at 10:05 am Reply
  9. 1)-Fire Marc Bergevin–Year after year, his inability to make a significant move at the trading deadline, either to acquire a major player or trade a player for a salary cap decrease.
    2)-The Carey Price fiasco—-“GIVE ME A BREAK” !!!
    3)-The players he has acquired over the past 2 years.Vanek-Kassian-Sieman-Fleichman-Weise-Smith Pelley—-“ALL GONE”
    4)-His trades–Tinordi for Scott–The JOKE of the year.Smith-Pelley for Matteau–Hello(A 6 goal scorer for a 1 goal scorer)and Fleichman and Dale Weise(23 goals) for Phillip Danault(1 goal).After 2 games,Danault is a minus 4 with 1 assist.His father even said on TVA Sport,D’ont expect many goals from my son–HELP !!
    5)-The summer draft has been a DISASTER-Our AHL farm team is a joke.The smallest team in the AHL.
    6)-Finally Bergevin’s contract signings(WHERE DO I START?)
    a)Petry–5.5 million-Now we know why Edmonton gave up on him-Oh yes,the last place Oilers.
    b)Emelin–4 million
    c) Suban–9 million plus(He is “NOT”the player he was last year.The hit on Marchand,the goals etc.etc.)
    d) Markov–5.5 million–My 10 year old can skate faster then him.Mistake after mistake.

    Now we know why the Canadiens cannot score goals,the monies are all tied up with the defence.
    Wait until Price signs his new contract–11 million–12 million?–we will be stuck with 4- 4th line players.

    I’ve saved the best for last–David Desharnais-3.5 million for the next 2 years.He has 9 goals and 17 assists and has been playing on Montreal’s 1st line.One game this year,I counted how many times David fell down during a game–51,Do you believe that-51?Who signed him to this ridiculous cotract?–Bergevin
    Since he has been in Montreal,name me 1 IMPACT player that Marc has brought to Montreal–The answer is —NONE.Let’s get a new G.M.
    Peter Sewerniuk

    Peter Sewerniuk March 21, 2016 at 12:26 pm Reply
  10. I do not even know how to express my utter disgrace with the Montreal Organization – FO and Owner. I grew up watching hockey with my Dad and falling in love with the Montreal Canadiens. I was only 10 when I started and during the next 50 years I adored this team. I have many times disagreed with trades and coaching but never waivered in my support of this storied franchise. WELL now the time has come where I will deprive myself of the enjoyment I had watching this team. My Dad will roll over in his grave if he knew I have finally ended my romance with our team.
    This has come about due to the P.K. Subban trade and the support of a coach by management and ownership. I know I am punishing myself but in life you have to make stands and this is one of those times for me. I will never purchase another Molson product and I will definitely push for any of my family friends to do the same. (Which I am sure will make Molson shake in his shoes – NOT). Because of the french speaking situation in Montreal this has also kept the team from acquiring a better head coach and manager. Shame on all Montrealer’s for making this an issue and bringing the team down. I will now quietly go about purging myself of watching every Montreal game and gravitate to the Nashville Predators and their now better chance of winning a Stanley Cup. Goodbye my love.

    Penny Morrison September 24, 2016 at 2:47 pm Reply

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