Old Davey, New Davey: Canadiens Trade Desharnais, Acquire Brandon Davidson

What if someone told you that the price of a good, young, NHL ready defenceman is… David Desharnais? With the Edmonton Oilers backed into a corner and knowing that they could not protect him from the expansion draft, they took on the contract of someone that will not pose such a problem.  Yes, they took on 80% of the cap hit on Desharnais’ deal and they sacrificed 6’2 and 210 pounds of Brandon Davidson to take on the diminutive center.


Metrics might not speak glowingly of the kid but what would there be to not like about Brandon Davidson? He bears top 4 potential, he has survived through cancer and on any given night in Edmonton he has shown capabilities of being their best back end guy on the ice.  The only downside with him is that he is still relatively green and will make mistakes but such is the life of a young defenceman and such is how he must learn.


Davidson can move the puck and that brings immediate appeal in terms of announced team needs.  He brings speed to the table and he will use it to get in position to block shots.  Where Davidson generally lacks is puck control as he has been found to be easily stripped of possession; so this will likely be one area in which the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Brandon Davidson comes to the Canadiens with a salary cap hit of $1,425,000 on a deal that runs until July 1st, 2018.


What can be said about Desharnais as he makes his way out the door? Well, perhaps thanks are in order.  Thanks for being a favorite of the boys in the room, thanks for putting up with constant criticism, thanks for your occasional clutch plays and thanks most of all for one that forever stands out in tying the game against the Ottawa Senators with 0.3 seconds to go in regulation time.


It was 4-1…


This gives an extra left hand shot in the back end to Montreal.  Does this spell the end for a left handed defenceman already with the team? It certainly provides a whole new tangible within the thought process as we approach trade deadline.  If this is the standard in terms of trade value, what does this mean? Emelin straight up for Duchene?


Okay, okay, we can take the dream caps off now.


The fun has just begun.  Heaven only knows what Wednesday has in store for us as we approach 3:00 EST.


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