Old Buds, New Friends: Byron Froese, Peter Holland Sign With Montreal

Death, taxes and Marc Bergevin finding more fringe 4th line players.  Two guys have found themselves in recent years likely repeating the mantra: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”


Byron Froese and Peter Holland have done just that.


These guys always seemed to be scratching at the cusp of something.  Granted, they both garnered the most hype and notoriety comparatively speaking in their careers thus far in Toronto where it is easier to find any kind of spotlight and the standard bar is lower than it is in Montreal but they garnered intrigue around the league enough to have their respective looks elsewhere.  Froese spent most of his time away from Toronto in the AHL for Syracuse, playing just four games for the Lightning at the NHL level but Peter Holland found a touch more success after being something of a fan favorite in Toronto and a noteworthy playoff run in the AHL.


Could that translate to the NHL level with a new team?


Certainly, each guy is coming over with a piece of Toronto’s little black book and hopefully a page or two that keeps the Canadiens surging with dominance over the the Leafs and they both bring their portions at affordable rates on two year deals: two-way contracts in year one, one-way contracts in year two for each guy.


Same Marc Bergevin method of operations, same hope that Marc Bergevin is not done building this team on a pivotal day…


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One Response to Old Buds, New Friends: Byron Froese, Peter Holland Sign With Montreal

  1. but they bring nothing to the plate to help us. both will probably start in AHL and since the 2nd year is 1 one way..they could then be trade bait.nothing done to help us here or with Azner

    Players similar to Azner in style, role, and injury history in recent years were Dan Girardi and Josh Gorges. Alzner isn’t old at 28, but both Gorges and Girardi fell off cliffs when it comes to even strength performance around 29-years-old.

    That’s a scary proposition for a player you just committed five years to at second pairing money. What’s worse is if the Canadiens fail to bring back Markov, Alzner will be forced to likely play first pairing minutes, further hurting his ability to be a positive contributor.

    The most confusing part of the move is that he doesn’t exactly address a need for the team; they’re loaded with relatively immobile, defensive defencemen, and are desperate for puck movers. It almost looks like the Canadiens are trying to build a wall of shot blockers around Carey Price, which seems like a major waste of resources.

    bay bye July 2, 2017 at 10:00 am Reply

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