NHL Considering Habs vs. Bruins Outdoor Game

Taken directly from the Montreal Canadiens official website: http://goo.gl/1pIJfU

Taken directly from the Montreal Canadiens official website: http://goo.gl/1pIJfU

We have seen from several reliable sources such as Yahoo!, the Toronto Sun, the Score, TSN and NESN that in the next National Hockey League season (2014-15), the number of outdoor games will see a decrease from six this year to four. In the following tweet, TSN analyst Darren Dreger specifies a few of the teams pushing for an outdoor game next year:

You may find yourself asking, okay Boston wants to host an outdoor game. Who says they will get one and where does Montreal fall into the mix? Well according to Shawn Hutcheon of the New England Hockey Journal and Chris Botta of SportsBusiness Daily



We have already witnessed Boston hosting an outdoor hockey game in the past, that being the 2010 Winter Classic at the famous Fenway Park where an overtime goal by Marco Sturm lifted the Bruins over the Philadelphia Flyers. But this does not necessarily mean they can’t host another one. Not only have we seen Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Detroit participate in 2 Winter Classic’s each, but the New York Rangers literally played 2 in Yankee Stadium in four nights. The NHL is clearly going for the cities that give them the most revenue even if it is repetitive, and with one of the most fierce rivalries in the NHL (Montreal vs. Boston) in a large venue like Gillette Stadium being only a five and a half hour drive from Montreal, this would be a dream for the money makers of the National Hockey League. The Winter Classic has been seen to hold most of it’s games in baseball stadiums, but that doesn’t count out the chances of a football stadium as well. Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo and Pittsburgh have all hosted Winter Classic games in their respective football stadiums.

Reasons why Gillette Stadium would be better than Fenway Park:

  • Gillette Stadium holds over 32,000 more people than Fenway Park.
  • Fenway Park has already been the host of a Winter Classic game.
  • Apart from the Fenway renovations, Gillette Stadium is about 90 years newer and more modern.
  • Foxborough (location of Gillette Stadium) is home to approximately 17,000 people. Fenway is in Boston, thus worrying about the typical city traffic that would already exist mixing in with your stadium traffic.
  • According to a 2010 ESPN Article, Gillette Stadium is ranked the highest among all NFL venues in the safety of their food with 0% critical violations.

Reasons why an outdoor Habs vs. Bruins game is realistic:

  • The Stadium Series game in Los Angeles had an attendance of 54,099 fans. Given that Los Angeles is a lot bigger than Boston, it is more about the number of passionate hockey fans rather than the population. Going by that argument one could say that Beijing would hold a very successful outdoor hockey game. An outdoor game in Boston would definitely attract more hockey fans.
  • It is the Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins rivalry. One of the most intense, historic rivalries in the NHL. That rivalry alone will attract fans.
  • It is a divisional game.
  • With the number of Habs and Bruins fans all over the continent, so many people will drive and pay what it takes to watch the game.
  • Like I stated earlier, the distance between Montreal and Boston is not that far for die-hard hockey fans.


What do you guys think? Is it time to see the Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins in one of the National Hockey League’s many outdoor games?

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