Nate Thompson Trade: Montreal Bound, Picks Exchange

Multiple merry-go-rounds continue for the Montreal Canadiens; the fourth line experiments, the middle round draft picks and… wait, this is one that has not been seen since Manny Malhotra: a guy acquired for his prowess on the dot.  Nate Thompson, this is the welcome mat.


As February rolls on, Marc Bergevin continues to orchestrate what seems to have been his plan all along: getting Habs fans to a point where not only do they only want depth deals, they will get excited for them.  Considering the fact that Claude Julien notoriously loves his fourth line –regardless of who is on it– the upgrades here are necessary after watching them get worked over game in and game out while the other three lines continue to flourish.  Nate Thompson follows Dale Weise as the second piece of what looks like the new puzzle to shore up the end of the order in Montreal and all it has cost them, in essence, is a slight move down in the draft as they sent out what was a Calgary Flames fourth round pick while they simultaneously receive what was Arizona’s fifth round pick along with the now former Los Angeles King.


Nate Thompson finds himself with numbers this season that are not glaringly bad by any means, considering the team that he was playing for.  Throwing goals and assists (there have not been many in his 53 games this season) out of the equation, his relative analytics numbers and points per 60 minutes played see him in a somewhat respectable standing.  The numbers that actually matter? During the Anaheim Ducks 2014-15 playoff run, Thompson played 12 games and put up 6 points and currently boasts a faceoff percentage of 53.1% which ties him with Joe Pavelski.


Having played Los Angeles and Anaheim and being considerably familiar with the San Jose Sharks as a result, perhaps Nate brings the little black book on all of the teams in that state ahead of the dreaded California nightmare road trip…


Thompson bears a cap hit of $1,650,000 on a contract that expires this year on July 1st.  It features a modified no trade clause (10 teams) that bears no consequence to the Canadiens at this point but it is nice to know that the Habs made the cut, in spite of where everyone thought they would be by this point of the season back in September.


Is the last piece of the puzzle already on the team? Is it/he waiting in Laval? Does attention now get turned to the defence? One question was answered today but more continue to pop up where the Canadiens are concerned.

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One Response to Nate Thompson Trade: Montreal Bound, Picks Exchange

  1. why are we getting all these older role 4th liners..we now will not be able to properly develop our young players..this is not going to help us in the long run

    Bay_Bye February 11, 2019 at 5:47 pm Reply

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