Much Ado About Nothing

The future of the Habs

The future of the Habs

Once again tonight, RDS is doing what it does best, creating a storm over nothing. They talked about it on the 5@7, they discussed it on Hockey 360 and you can bet they will talk about it at l’Antichambre: P.K. Subban arrived late at practice in the company of Marc Bergevin! Oh my god! What does that mean… Did the star D-man finally get fed up with Michel Therrien and request a trade? While I do live and breathe Habs, I must admit that just once I wish the media wouldn’t be so over the top.

There is nothing abnormal about a general manager discussing with one of his players. Remember what happened when Alexei Emelin signed his latest contract? He went into Bergevin’s office and put pen to paper. Of course, since the Habs are going through somewhat of a slump, everyone assumes the worst but it could simply be that the GM wanted to speak to his stud D-man to get his thoughts on what is going on with the team, or perhaps the contract talks are ongoing and they wanted to discuss things (who can tell whether or not Subban’s agent was in attendance either in person or by phone?). One could even venture a guess that Bergevin is well aware that P.K. is, along with Price, the future of the franchise so he decided to have a chat with him and see if he couldn’t get him to be a leader and get the team out of the mess it’s currently in. Of course, these are all suggestions…I don’t know what really happened and let’s face it, no one aside from those in attendance at the said meeting does. So, perhaps, we should just calm down and wait to see what happens instead of starting plenty of rumours (some downright silly).

What I do know however is that come tomorrow night, the Habs will be colliding with the Red Wings and that will be a chance for redemption after the lackluster effort they put in against the Penguins. Let’s face it, the team looked flat last night…so flat in fact that it was hard to see them on the ice. Should they treat us to a repeat performance however, I strongly believe that Therrien’s job could be in jeopardy. I know, it’s not always the coach’s fault but you can hardly fire your players can you? As this rough patch (there’s an understatement) carries on it’s looking more and more likely that Bergevin will have to do something to shake things up and without being too pessimistic, I can hardly see him making a trade of any relevance. He has made it quite clear in the past that he intends to build from within. Besides, the players that you and I and every other fan wants to see the back of would hardly bring a good return now would they?

With that being said, chin up Habs fan, we’re still alive and the season is far from over! Let’s hope the boys can turn this corner and make us proud!

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