Superman: Max Pacioretty

Photo: Jeff Vinnick, HHOF-IIHF Images

Photo: Jeff Vinnick, HHOF-IIHF Images

It’s too bad some people only know the name of the NHL’s 1st star of the week because of a dirty body check dished out by a classless Boston Bruin. Some gutless people have no souls and still call him a faker. The terms: injury-prone, faker, band-aid, whiner and baby come to the surface when fans talk about number 67.

To all the haters of Max Pacioretty, I say hate on. Max is a super-freak athlete. He has defied every single curve ball life has thrown his way. Bouncing between the NHL & AHL, having countless freak injuries and of course playing for Les Glorieux, Pacioretty’s career has been a unique one that’s for sure.

While donning the bleu, blanc et rouge, Max Pac has suffered fractured ribs, a severe concussion, a broken vertebra, a deep skate cut to the ribs, an emergency appendectomy and an alleged bite to the arm. To say these are simply normal hockey injuries would be completely incorrect. Most of Max’s injuries take a huge chunk of recovery time, for a normal human being, but Pacioretty is not a normal human. Max Pac is Superman.

Max is not only an unreal super-freak athlete, he is also an unbelievable power forward. His big body, heavy shot and speedy skating make him a lethal and cerebral offensive threat. In his first full season last year, Patch led the Habs in scoring with 65 points, and so far this season, more of the same. Max is yet again leading the Canadiens in points this season. It seems as though he just needed a garbage goal to get his goal scoring ability to heat up. Since getting the monkey off of his back, he has been on fire offensively scoring 4 goals and 7 points in his last 4 games.

Last season, Max Pacioretty won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for showing sportsmanship, perseverance and dedication to hockey. This award is a testament to far more than just his hockey career. Pacioretty has exemplified these characteristics all throughout his life.

Max Pacioretty married Katia, the sister of former NHL star Maxim Afinogenov in July of 2011. She along with Max’s mom helped change his outlook on life after his neck and head injuries suffered on March 8th earlier that same year. Katia and Max’s mother encouraged Max to forgive Zdeno Chara and also encouraged him to pursue his faith and relationship with God. Max took his generousity a step further by starting the The Max Pacioretty foundation in Montreal General Hospital. Don’t believe me ? Watch this.

Max Pacioretty is an unreal person, and the ideal role model for any body. He possesses a kind and forgiving heart, a determined attitude to be the best he can be, and he is the perfect teammate and friend.  He has every asset that you pray your kids have when they grow up.

On August 13 2012, Marc Bergevin locked up Max to a 6-year, $27 million dollar contract extension which doesn’t begin until the 2013-2014 season. He will be a Hab for a very long time and he will be a star here in Montreal for years and years to come. Pacioretty is the scorer we have been missing since Guy Lafleur.

I have my Pacioretty jersey, isn’t it about time you pick up yours?

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One Response to Superman: Max Pacioretty

  1. I absolutely stand by this post. I am from Toronto and really didn’t pay attention to any other team but the Leafs. Until I noticed Max Pacioretty on ice playing against the Leafs.He is incredible on ice and I had such curiosity about him so I googled him.
    This cute young guy has been through so much and accomplished so much in his life it amazes me.
    As I watched interviews of him, all I could think was how down to earth this man is,,,so genuine and sets such a great example for everyone.
    You can see how big his heart is and I think anyone who has the opportunity to play with him on ice, work with him, meet him, are so very lucky and honored.
    I think his wife is very very lucky to have such an amazing man to spend her life with. I wish him all the best and hope that whoever is a hater of him, comes to realize how wrong they are. I may be a resident and fan of my Toronto leafs, but I am a fan of Max Pacioretty:)

    danniekitten March 29, 2013 at 7:33 pm Reply

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