Mark Stone: The Oscar Goes To Player 61

Subban watching the replay of the slash (Photo: BERNARD BRAULT, LA PRESSE)

Subban watching the replay of the slash

Out of pure wish/desire that Michel Therrien refers to Mark Stone as Player 61, that is exactly what he will be called for the duration of this writing.


What a tremendous acting job.  The officials bought it: hook, line and sinker.  If someone is given –somewhat literally– a slap on the wrist, their legs suddenly cease to function.  Make no mistake, that was indeed a slashing penalty but imagine if the players were reversed: all that would be called is “embellishment” which is exactly what that little stunt was.


A five minute major and a game misconduct is clearly excessive but was the call made by Penticton, British Columbia native Steve Kozari and Montreal boy Dave Jackson.  Between their two hometowns, perhaps their judgment or perception has been clouded by some form of excessive partying.  The worst part here is that Ottawa Senators head coach Dave Cameron seems to be dissatisfied with the rulings handed down, in spite of having every call going his/Ottawa’s way and not having to play against Max Pacioretty or (for much of the game) P.K. Subban.


“I think it’s an easy solution: You either suspend him or one of their best players gets slashed and just give us five.”


Whoa, Nelly.  Is that a threat, Dave Cameron? This showcases two things: immaturity and inexperience.


This is spoken like a bitter, enraged, spoiled little brat of a “coach” that did, in fact, take over mid-season.  Emotions run high but Dave Cameron is supposed to be a professional and handle himself in a far more mature manner.


What happens here is exactly what happened with the likes of Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks: he had issues with former referee Stephane Auger and demanded that the league take action.  What happened as a result? Burrows shot himself in the foot.  Absolutely nothing happened.  Nothing should happen here.


Player 61 is the party that was slashed and yet the worst he said was “I think there was some intent there.”  That’s fine.  No problem.  His coach sounded like a young child playing a video game online that would scream at the opponents, as the kids say, “owning him” and threatening them by telling the administrators that they were “hacking” to beat him.  Slash/hack, maybe as close as this one comes.


If the league is not watching the Ottawa Senators under a greater microscope than ever, they ought to be on full alert for the remainder of the series if there is any level of competence in league and official management.


That is all that should come of this, Dave Cameron.  Grow up.  Player 61 can pick up his Oscar while a team not named the Ottawa Senators picks up the Stanley Cup.  Certainly you will be thanked in his acceptance speech.


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