Is Victor Mete the Reason Mikhail Sergachev Was Traded?

After trading Subban last year, not re-signing Markov, losing Emelin to Vegas (now in Nashville) and trading Beaulieu to Buffalo, it is crazy to think that Montreal would trade a future top defenseman for a French superstar and not have a backup plan on defense. Marc Bergevin has been known for making questionable trades over the years, however, Sergachev for Drouin might be his smartest move; mainly because no one saw it coming and a number of people thought he messed up.

If you have not been living under a rock during this year’s preseason, you probably have heard the name of Victor Mete circling around Montreal in hopes that he would crack the NHL roster before October 5th. For a majority of Habs fans, Mete came out of nowhere; which is something they have not seen, prior to last year (Lehkonen). Furthermore, Montreal knew they drafted an incredible defenseman (100th overall in 2016), which is why they managed to pull off one of the craziest blockbuster trades this offseason in Sergachev for Drouin. You are probably shaking your heads right now and wondering how someone can compare Sergachev to Mete. However, their numbers last year were nearly identical:

Mete and Sergachev are both left-handed blue liners who played 50 games in the OHL. While Mete outscored Sergachev in the regular season (Mete 44, Sergachev 43), Sergachev outscored him in the playoffs. Additionally, Sergachev had 4 points in 4 Memorial Cup games which adds up his total to 7 points in 11 games; three games less than Mete.

Even though both players had close to identical seasons, they have different styles of play. For example, Mete is comparable to Shayne Gostisbehere or a young Andrei Markov; offensive defenseman who can play in his own zone but isn’t strong when it comes to board play and physical play. On the other hand, Sergachev is comparable to Brent Burns or P.K. Subban; two-way defenseman who has elite skating, playmaking and shooting ability and can play the physical side of the game. While Sergachev’s play might be risky at times, his style of play tends to be more exciting for fans and more appealing to GMs. Sergachev was also a top ten pick in the draft compared to Mete’s fourth round selection. These reasons alone are why Marc Bergevin decided to trade the young Russian.

Victor Mete’s ultimate goal is to start the season with Montreal and win the hearts of the Montreal doubters. So far, the 19-year old has impressed and could see at least 9 games in the NHL before a decision has to be made regarding the rest of his season. If his abilities on the ice can overshadow the Sergachev-Drouin trade, his skills will be vastly appreciated across many media platforms and the hearts of his fans.  


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5 Responses to Is Victor Mete the Reason Mikhail Sergachev Was Traded?

  1. I would not go as far as to say Sergachev was traded because of Mete as no one really knew what they were getting in Mete. he came out of the woodwork and surprised Bergevin credit for this would be ridiculous. He traded Serg as he wanted what he perceived as the next great French more no less. remember Drouin was suppose to complement Radulov not replace him. plus we still do not know if he is the #1 center yet…. but a great gem fell on us…

    Bay_Bye October 7, 2017 at 1:48 pm Reply
  2. If that was the “sole” reason for the trade (which it wasn’t) you don’t trade a sure Top 4 if not Top pairing guy for a 3rd pairing guy. Because that’s where Mete is tonight playing caretaker to Streit. All the talk about him playing with Weber is out the window. His height is going to limit his working placement in this league. By demoting him tonight reckons that his time with the big club will end by the 9 game mark. The 5th goal by Wash showed his good and bad side. A nice stop on the initial rush but them a turnover led to a 2nd rush and he couldn’t get back to the play in time. Going to have a tough game sheet to look at after the game.

    * can we do the Vegas draft again and send out Benn for Emelin. They have Benn on the 1st pairing with Weber. Horrible would be too kind and maybe vague on how bad he is playing. Guys are wheeling by him like its a race on Black Friday as he stands there like a turnstile. His giveaways are of the “glaring” type….basically atrocious.

    Ned Stark October 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm Reply
    • I completely agree with you. This was just a theory that was brought in a conversation with one of my friends and I. I’m currently working on a piece that you might enjoy about who can solve Montreal’s defense. Thanks for your feedback Ned.

      Zach October 7, 2017 at 11:35 pm Reply
  3. yea last night game showed 2 many weaknesses on defense. Streit showed he is no longer an NHL dman,that is why Pittsburgh benched him during the playoff run…Benn is in over his head now and was really disastrous during pre-season. He can’t handle the extra pressure. Benn caused the 1st goal by not covering him man. 2nd goal was caused by Weber standing around and doing nothing, 3rd goal was caussed by Weber trying to go down to block the shot but never made it all the way down and blocked Prices vision..He seemed awful slow this game.. 4th goal was Azner covering Ovie but forgot to cover Ovies most important part his stick…5th was more of a freak and 6th was on a lost faceoff….but where is all that offense we are suppose to have.going 2 b a long season

    Bay_Bye October 8, 2017 at 7:54 am Reply
  4. Sure, great idea! Already screwed up and ditched Subban, and saw a terrible decline in offensive production team wide, lost Markov.. so now that we have another chance at another Subban, let’s ship him out for some other teams problem child, and force him to play out of position. Smh. This team is lost. MB will Never off load Weber or prices contract, and will be forced into a burke-esque patching a whole in a sinking ship mentality until those 2 are gone. Its been proven time and again that you only need good to great goaltending to win, not elite, not 10+m$ elite, and that mobile and dangerous D-men are the future, the game is too fast for big shutdown D’s and everyone on the ice blocks shots now anyways. Team D and team Of are more important than your Off. plays off. And your Def. Plays Def. I’m not saying Weber isn’t good, I’m saying Subban was more important… Ideally both would be good, but if I had to pick one, def. Subban… Isn’t that why u spent 10m on a goalie? So the team can pressure and take chances offensively? If webers sole job is to keep pucks out of the net, then you’ve spent 20M of your budget on 2 people for a decade that effectively do the same thing… And you now cannot score. I would have offered radulov 8m plus if it meant keeping your young mobile D-man.. MB made a lateral and risky move that cost the teams future.. and so far hasn’t changed the fact that no one is QBing this team.

    DirkMcDonk October 18, 2017 at 3:45 pm Reply

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