Is It Time Now?

The Ottawa Senators traded a 6th round pick to acquire Matt Kassian today. Will this speed up the process for Montreal Canadiens general manager to pull the trigger for a deal on a heavyweight?

With Brandon Prust on the shelf for 10-14 days due to a slight separation of his left shoulder and the fact that Colby Armstrong to go with Travis Moen aren`t living up to their billing, it`s time to replace one of them, why not with a heavyweight?

Georges Laraque was exactly what the Habs needed when they signed him, until he was hurt with a herniated disc in his back and became a gentleman fighter, always asking opposing players out for tea first, but the original reason the Habs signed him was because the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins were pounding our smaller players.

Laraque was a heavyweight, anything else on the Habs rosters as far as being able to fight was to take care of little problems; Laraque handled all the big stuff. Yes, Laraque in his better days could actually play hockey and not be detrimental to the team, but those players are hard to find and harder to acquire.

With the Bruins showing their goonery yet again last night versus the Ottawa Senators, the Sens saw that just having Neil was not enough.

As I wrote in a previous article (Time To Protect Our Kids), Matt Kassian was one of the heavyweights that the Habs passed on when on waivers not to long ago, now he is in the Habs division.

As I also wrote in the same past article, Bergevin tried to acquire Tom Sestito on waivers, but was out claimed by the Vancouver Canucks.

Does the signing of Kassian (who would have understood his role) to the Sens to back up Chris Neil now force Bergevin to deal for a heavyweight? Being that the team who acquired him is in the Habs division?

I hope so. Previously I wrote in another article that Moen and Armstrong aren`t doing what they are paid to do, Ryan White seems to have been tamed by coach Michel Therrien, and now Prust is out for a minimum of 10-14 games, that leaves us with little to defend ourselves should the need arise.

Whether or not Prust was injured makes no difference in my opinion, the Habs obviously saw they had need for a heavyweight, now hopefully Matt Kassian signing with the Sens will force the issue.

Food for thought, Brian McGrattan was passed on by the Habs, so was Kassian, yet both are now with different teams, neither one fit the bill in Montreal?

I think Bergevin is trying as hard as he can to find another Laraque type fighter (one who can also play) but if he can`t, the need for one still exists to help protect our players.

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One Response to Is It Time Now?

  1. ya larouque was a real heavy weight ill never forget the year he albieb that fighting was down when he only had one fight all years 5ft9 tom konstopolis had 13 that year he was a phoney a liar and chicked yea lets go back to those glory days lol

    hal pippus April 2, 2013 at 8:45 am Reply

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