Habs’ Carey Price Wins Lou Marsh Award For Outstanding Canadian Athlete

AP Photo/John Locher

AP Photo/John Locher

Habs’ Carey Price Wins Lou Marsh Award For Outstanding Canadian Athlete

Carey Price, Habs’ star goaltender has won yet another award to add to the four he collected at the NHL Awards in June. The Lou Marsh Award is given out annually, to Canada’s best athlete, and Price was named the recipient for 2015, as announced on the Canadiens’ website Tuesday.

This is a huge honor; not only was he chosen from the myriad athletes across every sport, every league, but he was the only NHLer to have been nominated in 2015.

Who Was Lou Marsh?

Lou Marsh was a sportswriter who died at 57 years old, in 1936. He was an exceptional swimmer, who saved countless lives ” plunging into the icy waters of Lake Ontario to perform the rescue, disregarding his own heart condition.” He fought in World War One. He was known for his sportswriting, and a column he maintained in The Toronto Daily Star, entitled “With Pick And Shovel.”

Originating in 1925, it characterized his attempt to dig into sport in all its ramifications.

His nickname became “Old Pick and Shovel.” The column, written in unique short-paragraphs-as-bullet-points style, covered every facet of every sport. You can see an example of one of his columns here.

A humanitarian, he appealed to his readers to help needy children, and was lauded for it.

What Is The Lou Marsh Award?

The Lou Marsh Memorial trophy “is a cherished prize that symbolizes the highest achievement in Canadian sport. Its recipients represent the fabric of Canadian sport.”

The trophy is beautiful, aesthetically. “Made of black marble, the trophy stands about 75 cm high. The words “With Pick and Shovel” appear above the engraved names of the winners.”

Photo: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/JesGolbez/media/LouMarshTrophyCanadasOutstanding-1.jpg.html

Photo: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/JesGolbez/media/LouMarshTrophyCanadasOutstanding-1.jpg.html

It was first awarded in 1937, the year after Marsh died, to Phil Edwards – a track and field athelete.

There have been many in the NHL to have won the Lou Marsh: Phil Esposito, Maurice “Rocket” Richard, Guy Lafleur, Wayne Gretzky (4 times!) and Sidney Crosby twice. A complete list is here.

Carey Price is not the first NHLer to have won the trophy in all its years, but he has made history once again, with his win:

There’s no doubt we Habs fans are blessed with an exciting team, one always associated with the words “storied franchise,” and for good reason.

We knew we had a stellar goalie in Carey Price last season, when he not only had a record-breaking year but was heavily credited with the Canadian Olympic Men’s Hockey team winning gold in the Sochi Olympics.

Now, with 2015 ending as he recovers from a “lower-body injury” (yes, we know it’s a knee injury), he has still had an incredible season in nets the 12 games he’s played. And there is no doubt that when he returns, it will be with the same vigorous, magical, truly second-to-none talent Price possesses.

On a personal note, I am profoundly proud to be a Habs fan, supporting this team, which is supported – and led – by this award-winning, world-class goaltender.

On behalf of All About The Habs, I wish Carey Price a full recovery, send him our deepest congratulations on this honor, and our wishes for continued success in his career and personal life.

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