Habs Trade Galchenyuk To Coyotes For Domi

Marc Bergevin went and did it again.  Another trade in which the Canadiens got a good player in exchange for a better player going out.  All of that talk, all of that which began to look promising with strong personnel moves over the off season thus far, any bit of restored faith, seemingly gone –once again– in a flash.


Insert cliche here about “no one else knows what goes on behind closed doors” and all that jargon but for the love of all that is holy, if an everyday fan can see a move that Marc Bergevin has made or intends to make will be horrific (as they turn out to be so often, dare to say every time) then why should he have his job?


Listen, I make a habit of a few guidelines and one of them is not to speak from the “I” perspective in my work here but there needs to be an exception here.  I can tell you that the rumors, in spite of what the brass said at the time, were true.  Alex Galchenyuk was actively shopped when his rumor mill began firing on all cylinders.  He was not truly taken off the block but Marc Bergevin hated every return offer for him.  Now, think about the one that he just accepted for Galchenyuk…


…How bad WERE those previous offers?!


If Marc Bergevin thought that they were bad… let’s just omit the rest of that sentence.  We all know where it’s going.


Make no mistake, Max Domi is a good hockey player with an appealing style.  That said, he is no center.  He has as many goals in the last two season as Galchenyuk has in the last season alone.  What does this team need? Young, skilled centers and guys that can put the puck in the net.  The Arizona Coyotes have flat out said (per GM John Chayka) that they would not have made the trade if they didn’t think that Chucky could play center.


Here is Marc Bergevin with the balls to say that he is looking for all of the things that… he just gave up.  Sure, the change of scenery for Max Domi should be a good one; that said, Tyler Myers needed a change of scenery when he went to Winnipeg.  That said, Winnipeg has a better built team and he is by no means one of their featured stars.  Will Max Domi be anything of the sort in Montreal? Let’s take an blindly optimistic approach and say that we hope so.


What Max Domi will do is put Leafs fans into further anger, denial, etc. when they see the son of a hero from their past in a Habs jersey and bring the type of game that will ruffle plenty of feathers each and every time that this team pays a visit to the Air Canada Centre.  That is absolutely an appealing factor here but it simply is not worth it in terms of sheer value.  After all, “the trade is 1-for-1” has been a haunting and oft parodied phrase for the last two years.  It would be akin to having Milan Lucic return to Boston in a Habs jersey with Claude Julien.  It would be fun to witness for that night… but then they would have to play another 80 games that aren’t in that arena.


As for Alex Galchenyuk, we here at All About The Habs thank him from the bottom of our hearts for all of his service to the team and to the community; watching him play and mature has been a pleasure and we wish that we could witness more of that yet.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavors with the Arizona Coyotes.


This team and the fans may love having Max Domi.  All anyone can hope for is that he benefits from this as much as possible.  All About The Habs certainly welcomes him with open arms and we hope that the love for him is there now and that regardless of whether or not it is, that it continues to grow.  That said…


“I’d do anything for love… but I won’t do that.”

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2 Responses to Habs Trade Galchenyuk To Coyotes For Domi

  1. Oh man, how evil is this guy (Habs GM)?! He just wanted to prove that he is the boss, “I told I’ll trade you if you continue to do that shit” kind.
    So he did. Two years after Galchenyuk stopped doing that shit, and we he was coming to the maturity just great…
    $@& may bad words toward Bergevin!

    Cristian Moldovan June 15, 2018 at 11:03 pm Reply
  2. You see, this is the reason why I’m giving my jersey collection away this weekend and I’m no longer a Habs fan as long as Bergevin has his hands on this team. I called this mess for years ago that they would be heading down this long winding track to disaster. Now I’ll add this last thought; this team will just stay average with Price, at best, and will get worse as Price and Weber age. Bergevin can’t see talent if it knocked him on his ass. He was a journeyman who lucked out with the amount of games he played, and wants to sign, trade, or draft players in his mold. He had no appreciation for talent or speed. He would rather have a team that stands in the right spot in their own zone and “keep the puck out of their net”. Pretty sad actually, considering that if you have the offense, then the chances are the pick isn’t in your zone, so you won’t get scored on. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Let’s call a spade a spade, I can’t remember the last time, without looking it up, that Montreal has a point per game player on their team? That’s one exciting team then, isn’t it? I truly believe that the people that room this team have organizational blindness because they constantly rehash the past. I’m sorry, screw the past, because the present sucks, and the future is looking worse!

    Cary Williams June 16, 2018 at 2:50 am Reply

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