Habs Recall Zach Fucale; Send Dustin Tokarski Down

Photo courtesy of the IceCaps

Photo courtesy of the IceCaps

The Canadiens announced that they have made a goaltending swap, at least for the time being. Dustin Tokarski has been reassigned to the St. John’s IceCaps while Zach Fucale has been recalled for the first time in his professional career.

What does this all mean? Let’s try to break it down.

Following the most recent Carey Price injury news (out for 6 weeks), GM Marc Bergevin had a press conference. He mentioned that the Canadiens were comfortable with Mike Condon and Dustin Tokarski and that he recently took in an IceCaps game; discussing Zach Fucale’s play specifically and how he was doing well. Furthermore, Bergevin stated, “anything is possible” when questioned about a Fucale call up from the farm team. Considering the press release, we know that “possible” became fact. The Habs boss also made it known that he doesn’t feel the need to make a deal for a goaltender. However, if another injury comes up, it would likely change things.

The call up for Fucale will allow him to work with Stéphane Waite and be around the NHL atmosphere; which could help him in the long run. It is likely that Zach will only see some time if Condon needs to be relieved due to poor play or because he sustains an injury himself. But this goaltender switch is more about Tokarski than it is about the Quebec native.

Photo courtesy of the IceCaps

Photo courtesy of the IceCaps

Tokarski has not started a game since the end of October, and if you haven’t checked your calendar in awhile, December begins tomorrow. Hooray for advent chocolate. Dustin needs to get playing time so that he can return to the Canadiens and be able to give Condon rest, especially with the intense schedule coming up. The IceCaps announced that Tokarski will start Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (these are the games Montreal mentioned in their press release) this week. Now, the assumption is that once these games are completed, the “dece” netminder will be brought back up and Fucale returned to St. John’s. However, if say Tokarski doesn’t play particularly well, it is quite possible that Bergevin keeps him down, allowing Fucale to get a look OR he makes a deal for a cheap, veteran goaltender.

The ball is in Dustin’s court, or.. the puck is in his glove (hopefully). But, let’s not take anything away from Fucale as this is still an exciting time for the young man between the pipes.


Note (with IceCaps):
Zach Fucale is 7-2-1 in 12 games with a .907 save percentage, 3.12 GAA, 3 assists and 2PIM.
Dustin Tokarski is 2-2-1 in 6 games with a .891 save percentage, 3.45 GAA, 1 assist and 0PIM.

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