Habs: Pre-3 PM EST 03/02 POSSIBLE Deadline Trade Targets

In a little less than 14 hours as of writing this, the NHL trade deadline will be upon us at 3 PM EST (Monday, 03/02/2015). There is little left on the market but there are a few names that may be worthy of trying to make a move for.


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1) Jeff Petry – He is currently the most defensively responsible defenceman the Oilers have arguably, and his 48.9 Corsi For % (shot attempt differential of a player while on the ice including shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots for and against) is deflated simply by his awful team, and consistent defence partner in Andrew Ference. It has been suggested a 2nd round pick would fetch Petry, and we do have a couple of those in 2016 (Minnesota’s via Buffalo, Gorges trade). It’s a small price to pay for a Top 4 defenceman on deadline day, and if it would take a 2016 2nd rounder and not 2015, the projected deeper draft, I say it’s worth it.


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2) Olli Jokinen – It was suggested recently on the Steve Dangle Podcast that they as fans would be smitten for as little as a 5th round pick for the serviceable centre. With a low cap hit of just 2.5 million, Jokinen has decent possession numbers, with a Fenwick For % this year of 52 (Fenwick merely being Corsi but does not count blocked shots). Now some may argue that is due to him playing in Nashville, and while I agree to an extent, I’ll remind you he played as a winger for the first time in his career there. He is a natural centre with over 1,000 NHL games at centre being thrust into a new position, that’s not as easy as one may think. A 5th round pick for Olli Jokinen for a playoff run would be a steal.


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3) Jordan Eberle – This is the one many feel the Habs (and a few other NHL teams) have been chasing for a while now, whether or not that is true is to be debated, as you’d have to commit “Chinese water torture” on Marc Bergevin to get any trade information out of him, and even then you might fail. What do you get with a Jordan Eberle? Oh, only a 24 year-old possibly not yet in his prime that has already scored over 30 goals in a season (2011-2012… On the Oilers), and over 75 and 65 points in 2 seperate seasons (2011-2012, 2013-2014… Again, on the Oilers). A former first round pick of Eberle’s calibre might cost a great deal more than we’re willing to pay however. There are the obvious players Habs fans would like see traded (Emelin, Desharnais, everybody has their scapegoat), then there are those that we would be mortified if we traded. How much would you like Eberle if say we had to trade a 1st rounder in 2015, and/or say Gallagher and/or Scherbak? This is the kind of price you may be looking at paying to acquire, at least, for a proven scoring, speedy 24 year-old winger who has lots of potential left in Jordan Eberle.

I’ve obviously left a few names out here, feel free to suggest any others if you’d like, as there are more than what I’ve mentioned (Chris Stewart, Letestu, Hejda, Havlat, Z. Michalek, Coburn, to name a few). Also, please do not think I feel the Habs are assured to get any of these players, nor any player for that matter at the deadline, as this is possible too. This is merely a discussion piece, and I do not claim to have any inside information regarding these players probabilities of landing in Montreal, nor what their actual trade price is.

A Go Habs Go to you and yours, hopefully we’ll all have something great to talk about before 3 PM EST, 03/02/2015.

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