Habs Outshot, Outplayed, Outscored in Loss to Flyers

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Habs Outshot, Outplayed, Outscored in Loss to Flyers

The Habs were outshot, outplayed, and outscored in a 3-1 loss to the Flyers Thursday night. In a game where they took a season-low 16 shots on the Philadelphia net, they relied on Carey Price who, while solid, could not play both sides of the ice all by himself.

Alex Galchenyuk returned to the ice after having been pulled post-game January 21, due to undisclosed injury, and got a primary assist on the only Habs goal.

Despite a beautiful first-period goal by Nikita Nesterov, the Habs were unable to find the net again after 4:51 of the first period.

That frame had the Flyers doubling the Habs’ shots on goal (10-5). And even though SOG evened out slightly, the Flyers took 24 shots to Montreal’s 16.

I’ll show you the Nesterov goal, because it was the high point of the game, and he deserves the kudos for it.

A one-timer from just inside the blue line, Nesterov – playing only his second game in the Habs colors – got the puck right where it had to go, on a beautiful pass from the just-returned Alex Galchenyuk.

He was visibly thrilled with the fact that he was able to contribute to the team so productively, just his second game into his stint with the Habs, but it’s a shame the goal served as nothing more than a shut-out buster.

The story of the game seems to be Andrew Shaw, who was penalized in the second period – which led to the Flyers’ evening up the score. Shaw was benched after that penalty. It looks like Michel Therrien was sending him a message, after taking penalties that have led to important goals.

However, Shaw cannot be blamed for the other goals that gave the Flyers their win. He is, nonetheless, being scapegoated on social media, which is unfair.

Andrew Shaw has 19 points with the Habs this season (and was concussed in December, missing a total of 13 games). He recorded an assist on the Nesterov goal. Does he take penalties – sometimes dumb penalties? Of course he does but among the penalties he has taken, to the detriment of the team, this one was mild. Perhaps the “message” should have been sent a few games back (January 14th, against the Rangers), when he delivered a highly questionable hit in the first period and was ejected from the game. That left the Habs with  player deficit; and though the game ended up being a win for them, it was a battle throughout.

The more important point, here, is that the Habs – as a group – didn’t show up, and Shaw was just one of the group. There were 3 Habs penalties through this game, but because Shaw’s was the one leading to the tying goal, it looks like he’s getting the blame.

He ended up playing a total of 7:41 Thursday night, a far cry from his average 14:45 TOI this season.

The players know why they lost:

(That’s an understatement)

That’s the Habs of old, but even a 1-goal lead is never enough of a lead to sit back.

As with all losses, the best thing to do is shake it off, and look forward. The Habs are still 5th in the league, and have a good record of responding to a lackluster loss with a better game the next time they come out.

The next Habs game is Saturday afternoon – first of a back-to-back afternoon weekend (as is usually the case on Super Bowl weekend). They will host the Washington Capitals at the Bell Centre. Puck drop is 1:00 p.m.

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2 Responses to Habs Outshot, Outplayed, Outscored in Loss to Flyers

  1. Shaw needs a wake up call. he has always been guilty of bad moves and taking penalties at the wrong time. He was dangerous in Chicago and although he is playing better in Montreal his attitude and antics have not changed.As much as I dislike Therrien and wish he was gone I have to support him on this move.Hopefully Shaw get the message to shape up and do not be stupid

    Bay_Bye February 2, 2017 at 11:11 pm Reply
  2. The Riot Act should have been given and fully explained to ‘Mr. Leadership’ after that stunt work he did against the Rangers upon his return from his concussion. But why in the hell was he skating with Gally27? Therrien made a lineup error and should have jettisoned Pleks wingers – Byron & Lekhonen and moved them up with Chuckie.

    A lot of blame goes to the players for going thru the motions last night but that pile of play do behind the bench deserves a big shame himself. Therrien is just too comfortable sitting back and waiting for the game to come to him as long as Price is back there. But oh no heaven forbid he come out attacking against a team with suspect Defense and Goaltending. It’s this type of game after game we can’t win. This team is built to skate and attack except for the Coach. But instead he butts his nose into places it doesn’t belong like running the game plan and the power play. He cites himself as a Defensive style of a coach but refuses to work that side of the team. Horrible breakout efforts with tons of turnovers and icing calls. A Penalty Kill unit hugging around the 24th spot in the league and all he’s done is watch it fall further in the abyss. Bergevin actually thinks this team can play in the finals this year? Not when we’re soft on the road and play very uninspired hockey. I thought with all this new “Leadership” Bergevin added last off season was supposed to fix all of those problems but sadly no. This team lets down more often this year than last year. Some fix.

    I sure hope Bergevin has some tricks up his sleeve to get Duschene here from the Aves. Without a solid #2 centre this team will be back on the course again early. Therrien will convince Bergevin that the players are at fault again and he’s still the greatest coach he knows and he’ll buy it. Then we’ll shake the roster up by accepting a signing offer from someone that steals Gally27 away because Therrien just can’t work with that guy plus no Cap Room after extending DD and Pleks again. So I guess Radulove will become a one year wonder because he didn’t fit into Therriens book of Defense is always first.

    So very sad, again…..another crappy Thursday game ruined by Therrien.

    Ned Stark February 3, 2017 at 6:17 am Reply

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