Aho, Matey: Habs Offer Sheet Hurricanes Sebastian Aho

Sebastian Aho checks every box for all 31 franchises in the NHL and that clearly includes the Montreal Canadiens: young (21), can skate, is a point per game player and –for bonus points– he is a center.  On a day where guys at the latter half of their prime or are aging and looking for a payday to secure their retirement, Sebastian Aho has his life and his entire prime ahead of him.  There is not one team in the entire NHL that would not be envious of possessing a kid that embodies the template of elite talent in the modern game of hockey but it takes some serious testicular fortitude in order to go out and get it in such a manner.


This is swinging for the fences.  Even if Carolina matches the offer and retains his services –which for approximately $8,500,000 per season would be a wise choice– Marc Bergevin truly grew a set of balls that no other GM has really shown since the likes of the Shea Weber offer sheet many moons ago, the last being Ryan O’Reilly in 2013.  The general managers country club just became a shark tank and Marc Bergevin smells blood in the water as he looks to enable Montreal to feast with Sebastian Aho being the focal point.  Quite frankly, it is about damn time someone made this a real competition and gave proper respect to the value to be inherited by acquiring such a young and highly skilled talent.  The youth are driving the game today and Sebastian Aho is a perfect example as he was no small part in the Carolina Hurricanes return to relevant discussion as well as the playoffs.


What this means, quite frankly, is getting a better player than Matt Duchene.  Sebastian Aho has already had a season better than Duchene’s best and in a much shorter time frame.  Nothing more needs to be said about the impact that an amazing kid could have with the Montreal Canadiens and how embraced his presence would be by the fans on a nightly basis at the Bell Centre but what needs to be observed now is whether or not this sets off a chain reaction.  Is this a one off or did Marc Bergevin pioneer a whole new era for general managers, filled with a great deal of additional excitement for spectators everywhere?


Whatever the case, Bergevin deserves full marks for so much as throwing it out there and that cannot be denied; he will go down as the guy in the big boy’s chair that threw his gloves off and came out swinging where seemingly no one would dare to.  Sebastian Aho would mean not just a return to the playoffs for the Montreal Canadiens but a firm and undisputed closed case on the long term hole at that top center spot and –dare to say– some serious contendership in the spring of 2020.


The deal is for five years and the compensation for the deal as a result of restricted status would be a first, second and third round pick.  The total is $42,25 million.

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2 Responses to Aho, Matey: Habs Offer Sheet Hurricanes Sebastian Aho

  1. great move but he should have went up a bit more to the 2 1st, 2nd and a 3rd and that way Caroline would not match..they are forced to match now..time will tell but this could be the number 1 center we need

    BayBye July 1, 2019 at 2:14 pm Reply
  2. Really not a good move at all. It’s basically the amount the canes and who wouldve settled on anyway so he did them a favor by forcing the issue. Hate to say it but it’s a PR move by Montreal and a sorry one at that. Bergeron ties up this money for 7 days while free agents go to other teams. It’s a gimmick.

    ML July 1, 2019 at 3:53 pm Reply

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