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The day is finally here! Your Montreal Canadiens will be kicking off their 2014-15 National Hockey League season at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, followed by games in Washington and Philadelphia before the home opener at the Bell Centre against the hated Boston Bruins for game number four of the year. After witnessing countless amounts of goaltender combinations, forward lines and defensive pairings, the 23-man roster is finally set for opening night as we get our first look at the 2014-15 Habs. In this article, All About The Habs compares the scoring, victories, and previous meetings among much more during the month of October since 2008.

Important to note that the 2012-13 season began in January due to a lockout cutting the season in half, thus no October games.

Below is a line graph showing the average goals for and average goals against per game in the month of October over the last five seasons in which there was NHL hockey being played in the time frame.

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Taking a look at the five most recent October’s, the Canadiens have averaged more goals for per game than goals against per game in 2008, 2010 and 2013. Likewise, the opponents on average outscore Montreal in 2009 and 2011, deeming this to be an inconsistent. But of course one must take the number of games in the month into account where the Habs only played nine games in the month of October in 2009, but played fourteen in 2009 which is a limitation to the statistics listed above. In total, the Canadiens have averaged 2.84 goals per game over the last five October schedules, and averaged 2.40 goals against per game.


In all years except the 2011-12 season since 2008, the Montreal Canadiens have kicked off their season to a good start in the first month with as many wins as regulation losses (2009) or more wins than losses (2008, 2010, 2013). The graph below traces the number of wins (red), losses (green) and overtime losses (blue) over the years.

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October 2008: 7-1-1
Home: 4-1-0
Away: 3-0-1

October 2009: 7-7-0
Home: 5-2-0

October 2010: 7-3-1
Home: 3-2-1
Away: 4-1-0

October 2011: 4-5-2
Home: 2-3-2
Away: 2-2-0

October 2012: Lockout

October 2013: 8-5-0
Home: 3-4-0
Away: 4-1-0

For the sixth consecutive season, the Habs will begin their season facing their long-time historic rivals – the Toronto Maple Leafs. The eleven games scheduled this month is on par with the average of 11.6 games in October since 2008. Although, the four home games is below the average 6 in October since 2008. Montreal will be playing seven games against Eastern Conference teams, while playing four against Western Conference teams including a Western Canada road trip excluding Winnipeg.



Number of Games by Day:
Sunday: 0
Monday: 2
Tuesday: 2
Wednesday: 1
Thursday: 3
Friday: 0
Saturday: 3

Number of Games vs. Division:
Metropolitan Division: 3
Atlantic Division: 4
Central Division: 1
Pacific Division: 3

Opponents Statistics:
Percentage of 2013-14 Playoff Teams: 55%
Percentage of 2013-14 Eliminated Teams: 45%
Number of Teams with 40+ Wins: 5

2013-14 Regular Season Record vs. Opponents
Toronto: 3-2-0
Washington: 1-1-1
Philadelphia: 1-2-0
Tampa Bay: 1-1-2
Boston: 3-1-0
Colorado: 1-1-0
Detroit: 2-1-1
New York Rangers: 2-1-0
Edmonton: 1-1-0
Calgary: 1-1-0
Vancouver: 2-0-0
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