Habs Fancy Stats in February – The Monthly Review

Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images


The Canadiens finished 9-3-2 in the month of February, capturing 20 out of the possible 26 points. The Habs beat the Leafs on both occasions this month. Unfortunately, the Habs had disappointing losses to both the Buffalo Sabres and the Edmonton Oilers. Let’s take a deeper look on how this month really went.

MVP of the Month:

The MVP of February was evidently Carey Price. He posted ridiculous stats, going 9-1-1 with a 1.34 GAA and a .949 save percentage as well as picking up two shutouts. The Habs were able to win three games this month despite only scoring two goals thanks to Carey. As the season progresses, the league is having more and more reasons to give Price the Hart Trophy.

Simple Stats:

Here are the monthly statisticsĀ in all the major simple stats:

  • Goals: Pacioretty (7)
  • Assists: Subban (14)
  • Points: Pacioretty and Subban (15)
  • Plus/Minus (Best): Desharnais (+11)
  • Plus/Minus (Worst): Sekac (-7)

Advanced Stats:

Here are the monthly statistics in all the major advanced stats (at 5v5):

  • Corsi For % (Best): Bournival (59%) – Still got sent down to Hamilton…
  • Corsi For % (Worst): Gonchar (41.3%)
  • PDO (Luckiest Player): Desharnais (109.7 )
  • PDO (Unluckiest Player): Sekac (89.8)

Puck Possession:

The Habs finished the month of February with a CF% of 51% (15th in the NHL) and a FF% of 51.8% (10th in the NHL). This was an above average month for the Habs as they ranked 23rd in CF% and 19th in FF% before February began. Although the Canadiens still improved on their puck possession, they still aren’t where they should be considering they are the second place team in the NHL. The Canadiens definitely weren’t a bad team in possessing the puck, but they weren’t good either. There is a lot of room for improvement.

PDO (Puck-Luck):

The Habs finished the month with a PDO of 101.7 (7th in the NHL). We have to remember that our PDO is always high considering we have Carey Price. Having said that, our PDO shows that the Habs could experience a very small bit of regression (almost negligible). Our shooting percentage ranked 17th this month at 7.6%. The Habs were able to deliver a very successful month despite having average luck. That is exactly what you want from your hockey club. The Habs lead the league in PDO before February (102.0) and it is very comforting to know that despite it dropping the Habs were still winning at the same rate (thanks again – Carey).

Fun Facts/Notes:

– De La Rose started 31% of face-offs in the defensive zone – Therrien really trusts this kid.

– Pacioretty lead the Habs in blocked shots with 35 – He deserves to be in the Selke Trophy discussion.

– Desharnais (55.1%) had a better face-off percentage than the specialist Malhotra (54.8%)

Closing Thoughts:

This was my first monthly review and I can’t wait to write more for the months to come. Here’s to an even better month in March!

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*All statistics are taken from war-on-ice.com

*All advanced stats are taken from 5v5 hockey




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