Project Commitment: Habs Extend McCarron

The Habs well renowned misfortunes in the first round of the NHL entry draft seemed to latch onto Michael McCarron instantaneously.  From day one he was recognized as a raw project and it was understood that his development was going to be an epic process, one that would see him only just maybe get his first glimpse of NHL action in year 3 at best but more likely in year 4.  The first year following his draft was a rocky one but his second year saw him burst through the major junior scene after success in London with the Knights followed by sheer domination with the Oshawa Generals where McCarron, flanked by Hunter Smith, looked like grown men toying with small children en route to a Memorial Cup victory.


Success in major junior did not translate for McCarron as he got glimpses here and there at the NHL level.  The team somehow decided that he was not in need of skill development and that they decided he was to be an energy player, opting to turn their first round pick in 2013 into the kind of guy that could just as easily go undrafted and signed to a PTO.  Everyone was well familiar with former Canadiens coach Michel Therrien stating –falsely– that the Habs were “a grinding team” and for everyone to “accept it” and “do it” which caused McCarron to follow along as one of the many casualties of their pro development system.


The time may have already passed for Michael McCarron as Sylvain Lefebvre wasted his most critical development years but when Joel Bouchard was brought into the fold and the developmental system completely changed, McCarron was not shy about throwing praise at his new bench boss.  McCarron cited that Bouchard is a great coach and that it became fun to go to the rink every day and go to work.  Considering how foundational a player/coach dynamic is at any level, one cannot help but wonder what might have happened if either McCarron was just a bit younger and had come along a little later or if Bouchard had been brought on board sooner to oversee such a vital time for McCarron.


Maybe all is not yet lost.  It is, indeed, a long shot but this year is do or die for the project that is Michael McCarron; hence, McCarron has a new deal for exactly that long with a guaranteed salary of $150,000 but can make up to $700,000 should he end up being called up.

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  1. it is sad that we still are seeing the effects of Sylvain Lefebvre as he has destroyed so many prospects careers and even when we were free of him Bergevin re-signed his fox hole buddy….but thank god he is gone now and hopefully some of our prospects that are now elsewhere can recoup their careers….he was trusted for too long and did so much damage

    BayBye July 27, 2019 at 3:18 pm Reply

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