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During the 40’s and 50’s, it was about Rocket Richard, the Stanley Cups and the beginning of the Quiet Revolution. It spurred a dynasty of rebel winning players for a few decades: Béliveau, Cournoyer, Lafleur… And then we entered the 21st century. Roy had left few years before hand, and we erred without a true idol for some time, before rallying behind a small cancer-victorious Finnish player.

And slowly, cheering up for the Canadiens de Montréal took another meaning. At least for me.


Being a Habs fan became a way to identify myself and to remember my roots and my values. You see, I started travelling and living abroad a lot. And during my adventures, to teach kids in rural Indonesia to chant “Go Habs Go” (want to se the video?), to wear my tuque on the beach in Costa Rica or a Habs flag on my backpack in California was my way of saying “je suis fier” (I am proud).


The Golden Gate Bridge, Hab’d! San Francisco, California

I am proud. I am a 21st Century Habs fan.

When I travel, the Habs for me are…

  • Home. It reminds me of Montreal, and also of Canada.
  • Culture. Like them or not, those corporations are part of our culture. I’m talking about Bell, Jean Coutu, Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons … and Molson.
  • Souvenirs. Of Youppi with the Expos and of playoffs games in a bar on Mont-Royal.
  • Family. It’s my Grand-Dad, who never missed a game in 60 years and my friend in Toronto, who also cheers for the Habs.

When I travel, Habs are my lifeline.

Habs Around the World, it’s all of us

Canadian (or not), Québécois (or not), Montrealer (or not)… It’s all of us who proudly hold the torch high, outside of the circle of influence of the Bell Center. It’s for all of us living abroad or simply traveling, for whom saying Go Habs Go means something. For the team, and for so much more.

In the 21st century, being a Canadiens de Montréal fans means being opened, diverse and proud. Because in the 21st century, being a stronghold does not mean erecting walls. It means leaking the words out there in the world… Go Habs Go, everywhere around the world!

We are 21st century fans. And that’s why, back in August, we started our community page, Habs Around the World. Join in, like, share, send us pictures… And don’t forget your tuque or flag next time you go abroad.



In rural Indonesia, those kids learned to chant Go Habs Go!


This is a guest post by Max Meilleur, traveler, adventurer and Habs fan, everywhere around the world. http://facebook.com/HabsAW

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