George Parros: New Era of Safety in the NHL

To say the National Hockey League’s department of player safety has been a controversial issue over the past few years or so would be an extreme understatement.

Colin Campbell (Right) posing with son Greg (Center) After Bruins Cup win. Picture retrieved from Toronto Sun.

Colin Campbell (Right) posing with son Greg (Center) After Bruins Cup win.
(Photo: Eric Bolte, QMI Agency)

There were unconfirmed issues of favouritism towards certain teams, scaling back punishments when a player was wearing the logo of a particular team. Canadiens fans who watched closely during the 2010-2011 season know this all too well. (Looking at you Colin Campbell and the Boston Bruins)

Major issues seemed to arise with every major incident in the sport, consistency issues were, and still are a major problem. One hit would be deemed dangerous and punished, yet a hit of the same malicious intent or even worse would be seen as a non-issue.

This became very apparent in the famous, or infamous depending on how you look at it, punishment videos put into the limelight by Brendan Shanahan. I’m sure those reading this know what those are, but I’ll leave an example of his safety videos here.

Picture retrieved from

(Photo: Pascal Lévesque, QMI Agency)

There were also issues with the most recent head of player safety, former Montreal Canadien Stephane Quintal, but they too centred around issues of consistency, and an inability to act. What the department needs is someone with the experience and education to assist with the decision-making process.

Now, the NHL named their newest member of the department today, and it is easily the best move the department could have made.


The new guy is George Parros.

Picture retrieved from

(Photo: La Presse)

To many, he is wrongly labeled a “Goon”, however, what people don’t understand is that Parros has a Princeton University education, one of the most well-known and toughest schools to get into in the world. So, he may have made a career in the NHL from fighting, but he is still one of the smartest personalities in the game today.

In addition to that, Parros played tough, and he got himself into dangerous hockey situations for 13 years splitting time with Los Angeles, Colorado, Anaheim, Florida, and Montreal, and if anybody knows what a dangerous action is in hockey, it’s him.

I’d say he is the perfect person for the job. Furthermore, I can confidently say that he has the potential, as well as the drive to change the NHL’s department of player safety from a punchline, to a serious body of law in the NHL.

Picture retrieved from

Picture retrieved from

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2 Responses to George Parros: New Era of Safety in the NHL

  1. Another nice article Ben

    Harambe September 7, 2016 at 2:54 pm Reply
  2. excellent maybe now player safety will be taken seriously. Punishment and such was not really taken seriously by the NHL/ Maybe now the players will be better looked after and the offenders held fully accountable regardless of WHAT TEAM they play on.

    Philip Turnbull September 7, 2016 at 7:21 pm Reply

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