Game Five Recap: Rangers 3 Canadiens 2 OT

Rangers defeat the Habs in the first overtime of Game Five. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

Coming off an unlucky loss in The Big Apple, the Canadiens were poised to push the Rangers to the brink of elimination with a win at the Bell Centre Thursday night. But once again, their strong start in the first period, was unsustainable. 

Les boys came out flying in the first period, as per usual. They dominated the shot department out shooting the Rangers 16-9 in the first frame. Some hard work down low by Artturi Lehkonen payed off after he stripped Marc Staal of the puck twice in the same sequence and then buried the wraparound right through Henrik Lundqvist.

1-0 Canadiens.

Roughly four minutes later, during a Canadiens powerplay, Alex Galchenyuk’s pass attempt was picked off by Mike Zibanejad who skated it up ice, passed to Jesper Fast who splits the defence and slides it five hole on Carey Price.


Less than a minute later, with time still left on the Canadiens powerplay, some great cycling by the Canadiens along the half wall leads to this Brendan Gallagher goal. Lehkonen gets his second point of the night with an assist.

2-1 Canadiens.

The Canadiens were set to head into the dressing room with a one goal lead heading into the third. But, messy defensive coverage by Tomas Plekanec, Brendan Gallagher, Shea Weber and Andrei Markov meant a defensive collapse. The Rangers took advantage and tied it up with 1:32 left in the second.

What was Weber doing?

The third period solved nothing, so off to overtime.

That overtime was probably the one of the worst “periods” I have ever seen the Canadiens play in a really long time. They panicked, they had no energy and their plays were rather sloppy in their own end. On a rush the other way, Chris Kreider tries to rim the puck around behind the net, it deflects off Emelin’s stick, Jordie Benn is facing the wrong way which allows Zibanejad to reach around and put that behind Price.

3-2 Rangers (Final)

Post game thoughts: Negatives

This team can’t play a full 60 minutes.

Like any game, there are bound to be collapses on both ends for a little bit. That being said, it seems like, both statistically and using the eye test that the Canadiens get progressively worse as the game goes on. They come out flying, they take control and then the second period rolls around and they seem to be flat. Their Corsi after every period tells us exactly what our eyes are seeing.

First period: 20-8 (70.5%)

Second period: 19-17 (52.8%)

Third period: 11-15 (36.8%)


Brandon Davidson played his first playoff game in New York as if he’s done it 30 times before. He looked calm and relaxed. And seeing that he wasn’t consistently dressed in Montreal for the latter half of the season, he made the adjustment from regular season speed and playoff speed quite well.

Post game thoughts: Positives

Lehkonen and Gallagher continue to impress

It seems like there are really only two forwards who give it their all shift after shift. Goal scoring aside, these players battle their heart out and take a beating while they’re at it. They create chances out of nothing and do an excellent job of getting under their opponents skin.

Montreal is the better team.

I’ve said this before, the Canadiens’ have the edge over the Rangers in almost every category; coaching, goaltending, forwards, defence.

Some would argue that goaltending is a wash, but Henrik Lundqvist seems to be sitting quite comfortably on a horseshoe, mainly letting the posts and crossbar’s making the saves for him (Montreal has hit 11 so far). I still think Montreal has the edge in terms of offensive players (on paper).

No one expected this series to be easy for either team. The battle between these two teams have been way too close for a team such as the Rangers to win three in a row to eliminate the Canadiens. I’m not saying New York is poised to lose, but when it comes down to it, is there more pressure on New York to close out the series? Or on Montreal? A team already facing elimination, to bring it back home.

The Canadiens will play in New York in what could be their last game of the 2016-2017 NHL season.

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-Patrick Tallon

Twitter: PatrickTallon81



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One Response to Game Five Recap: Rangers 3 Canadiens 2 OT

  1. well it seems the stars are dimming fast. Pacs has disappeared in the playoffs like he usually does. only 1 point in 5 games and no goals. not what one expects from the top scorer and captain.Weber is definitely slowing down and it is easy to see why Nashville got rid of him. Not to start an argument but this series would be over if PK were still here, we have no one to carry the puck out of our zone.
    Lehkonen,Gallagher,Shaw,Chucky,Pleks have all gave it their all. The problem in Montreal is still MB. he went and got so called character players who only made the team older and slower.He did not address the one need, offensive help. Last year when Price got hurt he did not address that problem and this year missed the boat again. Time for him to go join his buddy MT on a permanent vacation.If we do not make it past NY and I still have hope we can then we need to look at our team..I think Pacs needs to be traded as he seems to be hot and cold and freezes in the playoffs. there are other changes that need to be made but I will talk of those after the season is finally over

    bay bye April 22, 2017 at 12:34 pm Reply

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