Bye Bye Frankie Boo: Francis Bouillon Retires

BouillonSure, in his last season or so with the Canadiens he was the guy that would get dressed over a kid like Nathan Beaulieu but memories beyond that of a goldfish will hold his name as it was meant to be.  Besides, when he did produce, it was as memorable as could be.


Memorable… like the time he throttled Kyle Wellwood and one punched Darcy Tucker.


Francis Bouillon.  He was something akin to a pit bull in a fight: he had no idea how big or small he was and he really did not care.  In terms of height, he was well below average but weighed an impressive 200 pounds, weight he clearly knew how to throw around.  Decent skating and high impact physical play is sure to make anyone a crowd favorite to some level or another and those that remember him justly will remember him exactly that way.


Citing that he would rather retire in the event of not receiving a big league contract in North America again over playing another season overseas, Bouillon has opted to leave the game and with it some fond recollection.  He was never the most regular player and by no means a world beating point producer but fans everywhere will forever remember one fateful goal.


Frankie Boo was the one to complete the comeback over the Ottawa Senators and send the entire opposing team into a white hot rage.


If there was a man, woman or child watching that game that did not scream for joy to the point of possibly causing serious lung damage, their pulse ought to be checked.


Happy retirement, Frankie Boo.


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