Fan Pride is Still Strong

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“Do we really have to watch the hockey game tonight?”
“Do we have to watch back-to-back games?”

These are questions asked in a large amount of homes on a nightly basis, you can hear the groans in their voices when you answer, “Hell yeah it’s hockey time!”

(Stereo)Typically these are questions asked by wives/girlfriends, but not in my house. I am the huge hockey fan and it is my husband, who is a hockey fan himself (Boston Bruins though) who poses these questions to me. I love the sport and will watch pretty much any game because you need to know what/how other teams are doing. This allows you to know how your team may stand up against them.

I will have my game day gear on, even at work where we have to be dressed up in business clothes. My Habs t-shirt is on underneath my sweater as well as Habs socks. Yes I know sport socks and dress pants are not a good match but when you have boots on all day you can’t notice the fashion no-no!

I find it is different being a sports fan when you are female. For example when participating in a pool, I have been asked such stupid questions, like “What did you do pick them by their team colours…You are a girl you shouldn’t be so into sports….Oh, you like them because one of the players is cute” and so on. Truth is, I am just a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to hockey. There is just something about the game I can’t get enough of.

I seriously have no idea what women do at parties because I am the wife hanging out with the guys watching the game and smack talking with the best of them. I am usually the only girl watching because most of the women we know do not like sports. I love when there is a big game on, especially a rivalry game as I count down the hours until game time. Yelling at the TV when the Canadiens are doing poorly or get a stupid penalty. I have little things I do that in my mind,”help” my team, like if I walk out the room and Montreal scores, I will keep walking out to see if they will score again. It may be seen as silly but there are many sports fans who have rituals or do the same as that. By the way, I can still see the TV when I leave the room.

My husband has learned that I am not going to stop my hockey viewing any time soon so he uses that period, if it isn’t his bruins playing, to go play video games. This is a win-win in my mind because then I don’t have to listen to him ask if we can watch something else. He has also learned on game days, especially if it is a weekend, that I will wear my gear out and about proudly and will smack talk with the people commenting on me being Habs fan.

I make sure that my husband knows he is quite lucky because so many husbands say their wives hate sports. He says it is good that I do have this interest sports, however, he feels that I am a little over board with my hockey watching. For example, there will be a game on the TV and that is not always the Habs due living in Ontario – they do not always receive coverage here plus another game on my iPad and if there is an additional match up worth seeing, I will take my husband’s iPad as well. This allows for multiple games at once which is the perfect set up. Though, my dream room would be a wall of big televisions so that every game could be tuned in to.

Am I a little nuts? Those that know me would say yes but I will not change. Always will be a Habs fan and always will watch the greatest game ever played.

Go Habs GO!

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  1. Excellent article. If you order RDS you can get all habs games. I have it and i nrver miss a game . Its not $200 like centre ice , its worth it yes its in french ; but you can see the games live and all ganes home and away.

    jordan January 23, 2014 at 10:53 pm Reply

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