Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Photo: @HabsIcon

Photo: @HabsIcon

The only thing worse than beating on a dead horse is betting on one”- Relient k

April 2, 2007: The New Jersey Devils fired first year head coach Claude Julien with just 3 games left in the regular season despite sporting a decent 47-24-8 record.

So in case you were wondering, no NHL coach has ever been let go mid playoffs… But that does not mean it cannot happen.

How much credit shall we give to the Habs’ bench boss for putting the EGG line back together? About as much credit as you give him for slotting Brian Flynn in at centre instead of Galchenyuk. I mean, it’s totally logical to play a guy with more points than a guy with less points correct? That would explain why Brian Flynn saw more ice time than Galchenyuk (13:12). Obviously penalties had a lot to do with how the minutes were dispersed by Therrien, but who are we to question the mastermind gum-chewer? News came out this morning that David Desharnais did not travel with the team to Tampa Bay due to illness. It must be serious because there’s no way in heck that Therrien would keep him out of the line up. This is the time to remove the shackles from Galchenyuk’s hands and put him at centre. But the system is so important, but he is more comfortable on the wing. We play a solid defensive game. Therrien knows best! Expect more Brian Flynn at centre for game 3 if Desharnais doesn’t make his way down south. Live and die by the sword, because Therrien.

Are you aware of Gideon from the Bible? You know, where the movie 300 actually is based from? Only 300 men defeated an entire Midian army. Usually the army with the most numbers, defeats the army with the less numbers. Likewise, usually a hockey team can defeat the other team with a man-advantage. Therrien’s team has NEVER had a powerplay in the top 10 in the league. Every single time, the Habs cannot even bring the puck into the offensive zone, rarely ever have someone screening the opposing goaltender and during the post-season, shots on the PP are a pipe-dream. There’s plenty of puck movement along the outside of the ice but nothing in the slot area. It’s embarrassing to watch this team perform on the man-advantage. Lacroix? Jodoin? Something’s got to give and the coaching staff are napping.

First periods in this series thus far have been all Montreal, but unfortunately, after two games the score in those periods is tied at 1-1. Pucks to the net is a terrific strategy, I’m quite impressed by this system Therrien has adopted for this series compared to his idiotic cycle game with no pucks to the net. However, pucks to the net is NOT puck IN the net. Pucks along the ice will not beat a goalie whose pads are taller than Darren Pang himself. Raise the flipping puck. Now since the poor sap Therrien spends all his money on wings and chocolate cake, here is a prinatable shooter tutor that you can get the boys to practice on:

Photo: CCM

Photo: CCM

Down 4-1 after two periods of play and a decision arises to who starts the 3rd period. It’s not as if Price was bad, but clearly the team was not playing for their netminder, why not pull Price as a wake up call to the rest of the team? The onus was not on Carey for the goals that went by him but the only game Carey allowed 6 goals in this season was last night. Tampa Bay now have confidence and their best scorer Stamkos finally broke the goose egg with a pretty little backhand-forehand deke. I understand Therrien and Waite discussed who should start the 3rd period, but putting Tokarski in does not mean the white flag is being waved. A horse tranquilizer was needed in the intermission and pulling Price was the only way to do that. I for one just do not see any logic in leaving Carey in for the 3rd period.

Astonishing is a word that comes to mind when you say the word “Habs”. Carey Price up for the Vezina and Hart trophies, Subban up for his second Norris trophy, and the team locking up the Atlantic division despite finishing 20th in the league at goals for per game (2.61). However, first in the league at goals against is a nice stat (2.24) which says a lot about defense except for the fact that the only defense Montréal had is Carey Price. In saying all this, Therrien was outcoached all season and has been completely crop-dusted this post-season. Yes, Dave Cameron outcoached Therrien in round one, and it wasn’t even close. If Therrien continues to impose his systems, the Bolts are going to bring out the brooms. I expect Bergevin to take matters into his own hands because Therrien is leading his team to the gallows.

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