Dear Habs Fans, Please Calm Down

‘Twas the night of December 22nd, after the Montreal Canadiens had lost 2-1 to the Minnesota Wild. I was on my computer looking at the highlights of the game and scrolling through Twitter when all of the sudden my computer, phone, and tablet started going “PING, PING, PING” relentlessly.

Photo: Rich Schultz

Photo: Rich Schultz

Twitter was, and still is, going crazy due to an unknown reporter from Calgary saying that he had overheard a scout in the press gallery talk about how the HabsĀ and the Philadelphia Flyers had a deal in place involving Wayne Simmonds from the Flyers, but there was no talk of what else was included in deal, just that he had overheard a conversation and that the only reason it wasn’t a done deal just yet was due to the NHL’s Christmas player movement freeze, which will be lifted on December 27th.

All I have to say is this: CALM DOWN. Seriously. Let’s take a look at some of the facts regarding this rumor.

1. Marc-Eric Bouchard is basically a nobody. He works in Calgary, isn’t a verified account, and prior to the tweet he had 300 followers. He works for the Western Canada division of CBC. His only connection to the Habs is that he has a French name. That’s it. Chances are that he just wants to gain some more followers by capitilizing on a rumor that has been swirling around the net for some time now.

2. Why would a scout in Calgary have firsthand knowledge of this? The Flyers and Habs were nowhere near Calgary at the time of the tweet and still won’t be for some time. Flyers were in Philadelphia on the 21st, playing the St. Louis Blues. Coincidentally Simmonds scored twice in that game. They will be at the Honda Center to play the Anaheim Ducks on December 27th.

The Habs, on the other hand, were in Minnesota getting their 5th loss in a row handed to them. They will be in Washington on the 26th then off to the Sunny State to play the Tampa Bay Lightning on the 28th.

So the location of where this took place makes zero sense. Of course all teams have scouts at any game at any time, sometimes without our knowledge. But the chances of that scout being at a Flames game and spilling the beans on a “sure-fire” deal? C’mon guys. This is real life, not NHL 16.

3. As stated above, this reporter is not well known. So how is it that he has the scoop before Bob McKenzie, Renaud Lavoie, Eliotte Friedman, hell even Eklund?

Now let’s take a look at the deal itself. Like mentioned above, nothing else is known aside from some random guy saying that Simmonds is heading to Montreal on the 27th. There is no denying that he has a ton of skill, scoring 20+ goals in the past 3 of 4 seasons and had it not been for the lockout shortened year, he most likely would have hit his previous career high of 28 or better.

But with players like Simmonds and his skillset, their numbers tend to drop quicker than average due to the highly physical game he plays. His contract is very team friendly however, a 3.9 million dollar cap hit for 3 more seasons after this year. He’s still in his prime so if there was a deal to nab him, as long as the price isn’t outrageous, it’s a win. But it needs to be known that again players that play as rough as he does do not last as long with their offensive output. So giving up the farm for example would be dumb, seeing as how after this year, his numbers could start the inevitable drop. The good news is that he hasn’t missed much time with injuries, only missing 7 games in the past 4 years.

Regardless this is a message to all of you on Twitter and other social media. Calm down. There has been no word from the true insiders of the NHL or that there is any evidence that suggests a deal could happen. All we know is that a reporter from Calgary overheard a conversation and that this rumor has been making the rounds for some time now. Simmonds has especially been connected to the HabsĀ because this is Marc Bergevin’s and Michel Therrien’s type of player. A physical top six winger who can score goals.

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One Response to Dear Habs Fans, Please Calm Down

  1. Also it’s a trade freeze right now during the holidays

    Johan December 24, 2015 at 10:48 pm Reply

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