Dear Geoff Molson, hire people for their resumes, not their languages

Look Canadiens fans, its a tough pill to swallow; but I have a hard truth. The Canadiens will not will another Stanley Cup for a long time.


Not because the roster is bad, not because the coaching is bad, and not even because management is bad. The true reason Montreal will not win is because the Canadiens refuse to break away from the obsession with Francophone personnel that has plagued the organization for what seems like an eternity. The Randy Cunneyworth coaching saga in the 2010-2011 season needs no introduction. The situation he was thrown into didn’t matter to anyone, he was lambasted for his lack of French by media and fans alike. This of course culminating in a Quebec nationalist protest before a Canadiens game in March of 2011.

I’d like to make it clear that I understand why Quebecois connect with the team’s cultural identity. The Habs symbolized Quebec through the early days of hockey where French-Canadiens were discriminated against, alongside the Maurice Richard riots, and of course the flying Frenchmen of the 1960’s and 70’s dominating hockey in a way we haven’t seen since.


That being said, the time has come for the Canadiens to make a choice. Either remove the French pre-requisite, or live with winning over the French media while losing on the ice. I hate comparing European football to hockey, but there is a reason that large European clubs like Real Madrid, and Manchester City have success, and maintain that success. They don’t care about the languages that their players or management speak, so long as they can do their jobs.

This problem starts at the top, with owner Geoff Molson. He pays the bills, so ultimately, he makes the decisions. Firstly, he needs to decide whether or not he wants the Canadiens to win a Stanley Cup at some point. Secondly, his business is beer, not hockey; so he needs to hire a President of Hockey Operations to make the hockey decisions for him. Lastly, if he wants the Habs to succeed, he needs to make the decision that the success of the Canadiens trumps the ludicrous notion that the Canadiens need to hire those who speak French.


Forget your issues with Head Coach Claude Julien, or General Manager Marc Bergevin for a second. Turn your attention to what happens after they reach their inevitable end in Montreal. When that time comes, if the Canadiens continue on this path; those who follow won’t be chosen based on their backgrounds, but on their ability to speak French. Even going back to the dismissal of Michel Therrien, I strongly believe that the only reason he was fired, is because the French speaking Julien became available. What happens when Bergevin’s time is up? Will they only fire him when a French replacement becomes available? 

With the Canadiens prospects arriving into professional hockey within the next two years, the Canadiens need to hire the best people for the position, regardless of their language or background. This is up to Molson and Co, the future of the Canadiens is in his hands. Make that decision, or the Canadiens will be mired in mediocrity forever.


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One Response to Dear Geoff Molson, hire people for their resumes, not their languages

  1. I agree 100% as they need to hire the best available not the best French speaking person…..we missed Gallant last time and he is now available..but Montreal will do nothing and the fans will suffer forever without a is now 27 years since the last cup so a lot of fans like in TO have been cheering for a loser all their lives…we can’t have that

    BayBye January 18, 2020 at 3:55 pm Reply

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