Dean’s List: Canadiens Class of 2013

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Graduation season is in full swing. Students that perform especially well get put on the Dean’s List to recognize their accomplishments. I have compiled a Dean’s List for the 2013 Canadiens to do the same for the Habs. The contributions of these players put them at the top of the class.

Brendan Gallagher – This kid never took a shift off. He had no hesitation to go into the dirty areas of the ice despite being smaller than most of the other players. His Calder Trophy nomination is well-deserved.

Alex Galchenyuk – He had a solid rookie season. It may not have been as flashy as his fellow rookie, but he looked like he belonged and grew as the season progressed. The Habs were lousy at the right time to get him and he’s only 19!

Lars Eller – After a shaky start, he buckled down and had a career season. It was so nice to see him come into his own and such a shame to see how his season ended. He deserved better.

Brandon Prust – He brought much needed heart and grit to the Canadiens this season. Always willing to stand up for his teammates. The New York Rangers really missed him, but their loss was our gain.

P.K. Subban – This year he matured into the player that we all knew that he was. His shot on the power play found its target regularly. Hopefully the first of many Norris Trophy nominations (and rumored wins).

Alexei Emelin – A quiet contributor to the Canadiens, if huge hits count as quiet. He drew a penalty at a crucial point in a big game and when he got injured the team wasn’t the same.

Peter Budaj – Everything you want in a back-up goalie. He was steady in the net and a good presence on the bench.

Two Honorable Mentions: These players had limited games this season
Rene Bourque – He had a great start to the season and made good on his pledge to make up for the 2011-12 season. Unfortunately, he then had an ill-timed injury (not that there’s any other kind). Let’s hope that next season continues on a similar, but healthy course.

Jeff Halpern – A late (re)addition to the Canadiens. He’s great on face-offs, played hard, and is a good veteran to have around. It would be good to sign him back for next year.

Canadiens Class of 2013 SalutatorianP.K. Subban
Canadiens Class of 2013 ValedictorianBrendan Gallagher. Gallagher gets the slight edge because he was a very pleasant surprise, while this season is exactly what we expect from Subban.

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