Daniel Briere Retires: Mr. Playoffs Rides Off Into The Sunset

Photo courtesy of canadiens.nhl.com

Photo courtesy of canadiens.nhl.com

“After taking a few weeks to think about it, it’s time to hang them up and spend a little more time at home with the family.  I’ve been very, very fortunate to have a chance to play with some great organizations but at this point the family becomes a priority.” – Daniel Briere


Well deserved.  After all, a guy named Mr. Playoffs spends less time at home than the average hockey player.  When the critical moments of the season came around, Daniel Briere was a lot of things but average was definitely not one of them.


Lost time with his family will certainly be made up now with the decision to retire for Daniel Briere coming after 17 prosperous years of playing in the National Hockey League.  From a young standout with the Coyotes to captain of the Sabres to longtime Flyer to late season sensation with the Canadiens and rounding it off with the Colorado Avalanche, Briere left his mark across the map.  It may have taken a while to find his stride some seasons but when he did just that, it came at the best possible time.


After all, where might the Canadiens have gone in the 2015 playoffs if they still had Mr. Playoffs as opposed to a guy they would buy out just a month later? Based on his track record, it must be believed that he would have been a superior option to a number of Montreal’s options in the post-season.  Briere never had his chance to play in the playoffs one last time this past season but he certainly went out on a high note with in his final experience; one that, if not for anything else, made the entire experiment with him worthwhile.


This moment will live on in infamy with recent Canadiens history and moments from throughout the Boston/Montreal rivalry.  Right off Frankenstein’s fat foot…


Watch, remember, enjoy.  The memories of a boy that grew up in Gatineau, Quebec as a Canadiens fan that would go on to showcase himself as a speedy, skilled playoff performer that would eventually benefit his favorite team is an attribute deserving of celebration and positive memory.  Thanks be given to Daniel Briere from all of the people that he influenced in some fashion or another throughout his career.  A player that legitimately deserved a Stanley Cup win somewhere along the way.


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