Dealing Back For Dale: Weise Returns To Montreal

Questions for this team began to circle with the season getting on towards the homestretch; ironically, one of the bigger questions was “who can this team acquire to upgrade the 4th line?” all after Marc Bergevin had been much maligned and verbally taken to the cleaners for almost exclusively acquiring 4th line forwards in seasons past around this time.


The anatomy of what that upgrade (because he will be in the NHL again at some point) would look like was along the lines of: big bodied yet mobile, energy player yet with a clutch touch and bonus points for being an established playoff performer all while knowing it would end up being someone that would go on to play the best hockey of their career in Montreal and do so by blowing both their numbers and their eye tests elsewhere out of the water.


The Montreal Canadiens had a guy like that.  Here they are, going right back to the well.


Dale Weise, chest pounding fan favorite, finds himself back in La Belle Province along with Christian Folin (on whom the Flyers retained cap) in exchange for the injury riddled David Schlemko and Byron Froese.  Between Schlemko’s injury issues and his best years being –painstakingly– clearly behind him all while being passed on the depth charts and the fact that Byron Froese was never remotely close to an NHL return, the Habs lose essentially nothing.  What they gain in return is the blueprint of a 4th line upgrade (as they have had proven to them in the past) and a serviceable right side depth defenceman that makes Jordie Benn a bona fide deadline asset.


Marc Bergevin finds himself (after a three year absence) back on the right side of history at the moment and he got there by bringing a little piece of recent history back plus an insurance policy for the blue line.  He has made three trades now involving Dale Weise in some capacity or another and each one has been celebrated; the math now saying that, in essence, Bergevin has only given up Tomas Fleischmann for Phil Danault and the pick that ended up being Alexander Romanov with Dutch Gretzky being back in town.


Christian Folin, age 28, comes with a salary cap hit of $650,000 and UFA status come July 1st.  Dale Weise will be paid $2,350,000 for another year following this one with his contract burial currently equaling $1,325,000 for the duration of his time spent in Laval.


This does likely mean that someone else will be on their way out sooner rather than later.  Let the speculation continue…


Not too many depth guys leave a hole in the soul of a city like Montreal but a kid from Manitoba that grew up with Les Glorieux in his heart and displayed that every night most definitely injects a jolt back into the lifeblood of the city and the Canadiens franchise itself.


Welcome back, Dale.  It just never seemed right without you.

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