Coming To Carey’s Aid: Habs Sign Keith Kinkaid

Keith Kinkaid was an early lock for the Montreal Canadiens with word having made its way to the surface in recent days.  This would usually be met with groans and sighs of yet another depth player (counting backup goalies in that) being the “big move” made by Marc Bergevin at a critical point in time.


The truth is, this could actually end up quietly being one of the bigger moves he has made in his tenure.


Keith Kinkaid inks one-year deal with the Habs. (Photo: NHL)

Charlie Lindgren looks as ready as any to assume a backup spot in the big leagues; going with him would be perfectly warranted and salary cap efficient.  That said, the big deal in recent years is that Carey Price has not had a backup that has been given enough faith to give him the rest that he likely needs, considering that he has seen more than a few seasons of 65+ starts (high: 72) and having a rested goalie comes in handy when springtime rolls around.  Lindgren has a shot at providing this but Keith Kinkaid most definitely should provide such support with consideration to the fact that he has played 82 games in his last two seasons.


The numbers do not paint a pretty picture for Keith Kinkaid at a blank stare and so –along with the scenery– those numbers are expected to change.  An emerging, battle tested goalie with a renewed lease on where he is in the sport that has won himself some legitimate respect looks none too bad coming into the hockey capital of the world to lighten the load for the fan favorite netminder.


This is not the only move that a guy that is “swinging for the fences” should be expected to make but this is the type of supplementary transaction that builds on the idea of landing bona fide headline grabbers and guys that could likely lead to Keith Kinkaid playing the best hockey of his career.


A goaltender in Montreal knows not to ask for a lighter burden but rather for broader shoulders.  Keith Kinkaid provides Carey Price with broader shoulders.

The contract for Keith Kinkaid with the Habs is for one year and worth $1.75 million.

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One Response to Coming To Carey’s Aid: Habs Sign Keith Kinkaid

  1. Lindgren deserves to be the backup..Kinkaid’s numbers are atrocious….Montreal will lose Lindgrin if they do not give him the shot he deserves

    BayBye July 1, 2019 at 2:22 pm Reply

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